GTA 5 release date leak 'a hoax'

Fake screenshot claimed the Rockstar blockbuster was due before Christmas

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Outside_ofthe_Box1926d ago

Obviously it was fake. There is no way GTA5 would release in December. October or November was the most likely months GTA5 would release if it were to release this year. Seeing as it is September, a 2013 release for GTA5 is all but confirmed.

HammadTheBeast1925d ago

A better way to put it would be:

You don't say.

bub161926d ago

in my eyes all release dates and rumors are a hoax until rockstar gives an official statement or date

VideoGameGuru1926d ago

That is sad that was a hoax

subtenko1926d ago

So who wants to bet that there will be at least one more "GTA5 release date leaked" post? They all say end of 2012 too xD How many has there been now? At least two or three from what I remember.

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