Halo 4 PAX Info Blowout: Customization Options, Detailed Radar, Concussion Rifle

GR: "A host of new details about Halo 4 surfaces."

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Red951867d ago

I had no idea the Concussion Rifle was in H4. It looks exactly like it. It's blurry, but you can kind of make out that it says "Press X to pick up Concussion Rifle".

I'm glad they're bringing that back. It was a good weapon.

Allsystemgamer1867d ago

It was great against oncoming traffic.

*flip off cliff*

TotalSynthesisX1867d ago

Ah, the good ol' days on Reach when I'd pick up the Concussion Rifle with the intent to troll the people riding in small/medium vehicles... :')

Muffins12231866d ago

Yea its weird.I thought the Rail Gun would replace the Concussion Rifle.I really dont see any use for the concussion rifle with the rail gun around :|

Red951865d ago

Because now we can do this in Halo 4 too! :D

Npugz71867d ago

Wish the helmets from reach were in this game! The new ones are brutal they look like there from some crappy anime movie!

Allsystemgamer1867d ago

Why? Because they look functional an futuristic? Most of reachs helmets looked like motorcycle helmets.