Confirmed: Treyarch isn't consulting on Black Ops Declassified gameplay

But the Call of Duty studio 'has advised on narrative'; Activision clarifies publishing responsibilities

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Xperia_ion2286d ago

I cant wait to see how much this sells.

Nimblest-Assassin2286d ago

Sigh... This game is doomed to fail

Has nothing good going for it

LAWSON722286d ago

I think the name call of duty is a good thing going for it since any game with that name will sell millions

MasterCornholio2285d ago

Looks like they havent decrappified the game yet. This is really pathetic on activisions part since this franchise is known for selling millions on PCs and Consoles.

BTW i won the bet because i predicted that they wouldnt announce a Call of Duty for the 3DS and i was right.

mynameisEvil2286d ago

Yeah, well, who thought Treyarch was actually being consulted on this? I know I certainly didn't.

VitaOwner2286d ago

Not a surprise, but definitely a disappointment. It boggles the mind how they would completely leave game play development on a game with the potential to greatly increase the install base of the PS Vita and further expand the call of duty franchise to a studio that did not originally create the franchise in the first place. I'm going to reserve my judgement on the game until it is finished and released, but the lack of support from the main Call of Duty studio does not inspire confidence.

topekomsi2286d ago

Not only that but the game is being made/butchered by the same company that took a steamy dump on the resistance franchise with resistance:bs. I am so worried about this title. i have essentially zero faith in this game.

Also guess this rules out the possibility of any type of interaction between blops 2 and decrapified.

NiKK_4192286d ago

I wonder if it was just a coincidence that the game had an abbreviation of BS.

Mustang300C20122286d ago

It isn't the job of 3rd party to increase the install base. That is the manufacture of the console to do that. This is just confirming what we already saw. These companies are not all in on the Vita. It shows us a couple of things. You have B-rated companies doing these high profile games and look at Resistance and now COD by the same company. These companies are like your bench teams in a game. It is cheaper to use them and on top of that Vita came at a time where those companies see the current systems install base and future next-gen systems to focuse on.

8bitHero2286d ago

i wouldnt call the developers that did burning skies a b rated company. they're far below that.

tehpees32286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Developers treat Sony handhelds like Nintendo consoles. Except for the fact that Treyarch is overseeing Wii development.

Quite sad to constantly see publishers making things to cash in on these systems. One day Nintendo consoles and Sony handhelds will be treated how they should be.

Developers should stop making shoddy mini versions of games on other systems and start treating these how they should be. If this tanks then Activision (who refuse to acknowledge it anyway) will blame the system rather than themselves.

Same as Wii: put the effort in and you'll be rewarded! Its funny how those that treat these systems how they should be treated get sales isn't it?

Jadedz2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

When I first heard about a COD game being developed for the Vita - I thought, "Wow, Vita has it made, because Treyarch is great with control implementation!"

I guess they're too busy to be developing the Vita version of COD, so let's hope that whoever's at the helm (developing the Vita version), does a decent enough job.

extermin8or2286d ago

I'm sure if activision had asked treyarch to do it they'd have done it; look at Criterion games; relatively small studio at least in comparision in guilford- they insisted apparently on also making the vita version and have according to people that have played it and seen it in action got pretty much an identical (slightly downgraded textures etc) version of the ps3 game... and thrown in extra minigames etc that use the touch screen if you want to play them yet Treyarch a fairly large developer with I'm sure alot more funding couldn't do a vita version of black ops 2?... no they either couldn't be bothered or Activision wanted to save the cash-likely the later me thinks or a combination of the 2.

MGRogue20172286d ago

yeah, whatever.. just be sure to include the zombies mode plz, thx.

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