Gaming Around the World

The Legal Arcade takes a brief look at video game controversies outside of the United States, from the old Greek gaming ban to the new "gaming addiction" issues in China.

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coolfool3732d ago

But is that all the countries that have some beef against gaming? I mean is that it? In the grand scheme of things that really isn't that bad.

I even sort of agree with South Korea's, well, not agree but I can see where they are coming from with their restrictions.

Can anyone comment on the Finnish situation? Do we have any Finnish friends here?

nanometric3732d ago

But thankfully we have no restrictions for gaming, even age. On the other hand, we get completly screwed when it come to buying anything gaming related, or even anything for that matter :/

KingPenguin3732d ago

And no, that's not it, there are already two comments on the post about India and Mexico having big controversies as well. Next Monday, I'll post again with more countries as more people say what's going on where they live.

coolfool3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

You get screwed when it comes to the price?

Still, it is quite interesting how liberal your country is about games.

KingPinguin, good post, i will be interested to hear more. I knew that the amount currently in the article was bit small, hence my surprise.

KeiZka3732d ago

Finns have no fear. That party that is thinking of the motion is a minor one, so I doubt it'll ever come true... But then again, Lex Karpela... (google it)

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