Kotaku: Fans Make a Peaceful Online Protest for Final Fantasy Versus XIII

While Square Enix recently confirmed that it is still making Final Fantasy Versus XIII and that it'll be out when it's good and ready, some fans are having a hard time waiting. It's only been six years. What's the rush?

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wishingW3L2289d ago

How many times this crap is gonna get posted?

ash_divine2289d ago

The bigger it gets the better.

But yeah, a couple days late there Kotaku.

Shikoro2289d ago

That's what she said. XD

PshycoNinja2289d ago

The last post was about the group. Now it's about the two new videos they have posted up on their YouTube channel.

Carl_Shocker2289d ago

Shouldn't you be glad that people are actually doing something about this rather then moan about it like the rest of us.

I'm thrilled that someone is doing something about Square Enixs crap.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2289d ago

I completely agree, light a fire under Square's ass and they're bound to move a bit.

C L O U D2289d ago

Can't believe its been 6 years...I feel mad old now.

N4GDgAPc2289d ago

I don't understand why you need more info. You got a 6 min video that shows gameplay and very basic story. All I care about its still indevelopment. Its like you want the hole plot what the game is about. Mystrey is good. I bet you will enjoy the game much more.

izumo_lee2289d ago

Fans are upset is that this game should have come out after Final Fantasy 13 or at least after Type-0. However Squarenix is continuing to hold this game back by releasing unwanted games to a mediocre Final Fantasy game like 13.

Spending huge amount of money on fixing an incomplete game like Final Fantasy 14. Since FF 14 was an MMO they should have used the time that FFvs.13 is currently at to make a better game.

Squarenix this gen has made so many poor decisions that a game with so much potential being developed by a guy with a great track record in Nomura has received so little updates or news on how far the game is at in development. All we keep on hearing is that the game is in development & news is coming soon.

Carl_Shocker2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

I don't understand why people who use the "You got a 6 min gameplay trailer" don't understand that the video was probably a very old build of the game which pre dated the day they showed it off

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