Machinarium Full Trophylist for PS3

Confront the Black Cap Brotherhood and save the robot-girlfriend and while you are at it you can collect these lovely trophies.

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Makasu2293d ago

I am so looking forward to play this since i haven't tried it on any of the other platforms its currently on. Looks amazing!

Dark_Overlord2293d ago

Glad its finally available on PSN, but a bit disappointed theres nothing new added :( (I've finished it multiple times on PC)

Oh well, still going to pick it up again to support the dev :)

Makasu2293d ago

From what i remember the devs have added a zoom-function on the PSN version. But i don't think there is anything else added.

mi_titan272293d ago

ive been wanting to try this game, now its gonna be on PSN, ill get my chance.

Makasu2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

Exactly, plus it has trophies :)

DigitalRaptor2292d ago

Only 12, and no platinum? Oh well. at least it has some.