GamePro unveils new details on Rainbow Six Vegas 2

To get Vegas fans salivating, we've parsed out some of the juicier details from the print article.

Vegas 2 gameplay additions:

- A new Sprint button.

- Bullet penetration.

- Destructible cover.

- 11 new weapons.

- Faster firing rate for all handguns.

- One persistent player for online and offline play.

- New way to unlock weapons and gear but, XP isn't going away either.

Vegas 2 single-player enhancements:

- New two-player, online cooperative play.

- A new lead character for the single-player campaign.

- Enhanced AI and better-equipped enemies.

Vegas 2 multiplayer enhancements:

- New multiplayer modes: Team Leader & Total Conquest.

- Much faster loading times and better graphics for online play.

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Delt43764d ago

wow i didnt expect this many changes to the game really. I figured same game new maps. Now i think i will pick this up. I mean shoot i have all the rainbow games anyways why not add another.

THE_JUDGE3763d ago

that they have switched the main character. The guy in the first one had a grunty southernish accent that got annoying over the course of the game. The other improvements sound good too.

sonarus3764d ago

is it jst me or is rainbow 6 vegas 2 getting no attention. I remember the first game and it really wasnt bad maybe i should look into purchasing. If it gets favourable reviews i'll get it jst to complete the story. But overall a pretty good game. Destructible environments is a huge plus i think all shooters need to evolve to the point where destructible environments is a given

Delt43763d ago

if this is as fun as the first one plus all the cod extras they borrowed this game might be a cod4 killa i mean the cover system and destructible environments and shoot through walls i mean that is gonna be awesome. This game is going to be sweet. Glad to see they made so many improvements!

Guwapo773763d ago

This is my AAA title. I've been waiting on this game for months. Everyone on my PSN friend list is from R6. Many months of fun...matter fact I'm going to log on in a few minutes.

Ureval3763d ago

Sounds good to me. COD4 borrowed from R6V, and now R6V2 is borrowing from COD4. The graphics still seem a bit unimpressive, but I was unimpressed with COD4 graphics until I played it. Even if its not as graphically impressive as COD it gets major points for its awesome cover system.

sonarus3763d ago

rainbow 6 had the best cover system. I wanna see how the killzone 2 cover system plays out but the cover system in resistace added to the reality with that they could ramp up the difficulty and decrease the number of hits to go down.

Kleptic3763d ago

agreed...Vegas did have a cool cover system that was pretty dynamic most of the time (sometimes you would 'grab' the wrong cover, but it worked way better than it looked on paper)...

somewhat promising I guess...that list appears to address most of the problems I had with the first game...One thing that was always good for Vegas, even online, was the hit detection...something that is probably my biggest complaint with Cod put a bullet in a guys head in Vegas...thats it...In CoD 4, even in hardcore, the hit detection can be pretty off...there are single head shot kills, but there are times when you clearly tink his head and nothing happens...

I have also snuck up behind guys numerous times using the dead silence perk...and putting 3 pistol rounds into their helmet before getting the 'headshot'...but then you see random headshots done to you on a kill cam when they were zero'd in on your nuts...w/e...

it is still UE3 though...its more optimized, but the track record for non-Epic UE3 games is pretty bad...Bioshock was the only one that looked great and ran fine...ME looked great...but runs like poop...and everything else isn't even worth noting...(Turok? seriously?...Blacksite? no...seriously?)...all those mentioned take a complete back seat to the engine has potential, but apparently only Epic can really get it to sing...

jackdoe3763d ago

UE3 is really overrated. Mass Effect is pretty as hell, but I chalk that up to the engineers at Bioware.

sonarus3763d ago

agreed thats what i have been saying on here 4 a while. UE3 is overated. WHen it first came out on gears of war graphics were crazy and all but that was over a yr ago. Since then its jst been 1 crappy UE game after another. I am sick of UE graphics they all look the same to me. I wonder how bioshock managed to pull theirs off. And it didnt have that UE look either. Gears 2 needs to see major enhancements to the graphics engine before i can get siked for it at least on the visual tip. Far more interested in gameplay improvements. Not to say gears of 2 will look crappy but the UE look is so over used am jst tired of it

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TheHater3763d ago

All of these really cool new features don't mean anything if it have a crappy online server. Online play is the biggest part of this game series. Let be honest, no one play this game for the single player.

Ureval3763d ago

True. I dont think Vegas had a bad setup at the time it came out, but matchmaking setup of Halo and COD are unavoidable and if they want to be in the top ten they need to have a online setup that either brings something new and cool to the table or at least learn where others have succeeded.

Guwapo773763d ago

R6 had great servers...actually still do. Great match making system. Far better than COD4 when your lucky to get all your friends in the same game without dropping someone. Clan matches...slim chance in hell.

jackdoe3763d ago

Meh. R6V2 is a big meh. The screenshots were not very inspiring and that teaser trailer did not help.

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The story is too old to be commented.