Halo 4′s “Celebrity Gaming Night” shows the industry still lacks star power

IncGamers: Yesterday night Microsoft held what it called a Celebrity Gaming Night in Manchester, UK. The event is being described as the “UK’s first exclusive preview of the upcoming Xbox 360 blockbuster game Halo 4.”

Sounds great. So, who attended?

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JellyJelly1997d ago

Who gives a sh*t about celebrities at game shows. Let the games be the celebrities, as they should be! It only makes people think your game is too crappy to stand on its own legs if you have to bring a bunch of celebrities, girls and whatnot to get people to notice your game.

Shadonic1997d ago

you sir are getting a bubble up

Mocat1997d ago

Who are these people that keep disagreeing good comments

Dlacy13g1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

I think this is more an indictment of the U.K. celebrity power than it is an indictment of the impact of Halo 4 or gaming. Hell, I think half of the top U.K. celebrities are working in Hollywood, U.S.A. than they are in the U.K.

I can guarantee the launch party in the U.S. will have far more star power than this celebrity gaming night.

edit: and as noted above...if the game is doesn't need celebrity support.

The Meerkat1997d ago

It's Manchester! That's why nobody turned up.

Why the hell would they do it in Manchester?

London is the only place that should have events like this, at a push Glasgow. But not Manchester?

Xperia_ion1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Nm wrong dude, lol. Yeah, noone I know.

Sketchy_Galore1997d ago

'Star power' gets us actors hired for movies based upon how impressive their name will look on the poster rather than how well they fit the role. Star power gets us big glossy award ceremony lip syncing 'performances' . Star power gets us the Kardashians. Keep star power away from gaming please.

TheLyonKing1997d ago

TOWIE arn't celebs, they are scum and they ruin television thats just as bad a hitler showing up way to get the brain dead monkeys to turn up MS.

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