What Can We Expect At Nintendo’s Wii U Event Next Week?

FanCensus says: "The moment has almost arrived. It’s been a long arduous wait but next Thursday marks the day we’ll finally get some concrete information on the Wii U and it’s launch. Price, release date, the future; it should all be discussed at next week’s event and I for one couldn’t be more excited."

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Hatsune-Miku2292d ago

Well I must say or hope that they'll elaborate more about launch titles, games soon to be released this year , early next year releases , price and release date

Phil322291d ago

I would hope Nintendo will finally reveal some 2013 titles and stop being so obnoxiously secretive to the point that it hurts hype for their new console. E3 2012 did not assuage a lot of the fears and criticism of the company, so I hope the conference is fun and reveals a lot of great things.

Freakazoid20122291d ago

Nintendo is just doing the exact same thing it did with the Wii and that didnt hurt their sales at all.

Seriously why is this so hard for some people to understand?I could understand it if you werent around for the Wii launch..
I have to LOL at "fears and criticism" though... First off what is to "fear" about the Wii U? If its not good enough for you or someone else then simply don't buy it.

Criticism? Yeah well Nintendo will always get that regardless. Most people criticize them over no F-zero or Star Fox and then there is a rumor that both are coming to Wii U up right now. The same people that hated them before still hate them now. It changed nothing and never will.

Phil322291d ago

Shit. A fanboy is sighted. Nintendo doesn't care about you. Hard to understand? Stop defending them like they care.

Phil322291d ago

And I wasn't talking about my fears or criticisms, so take your need to defend Nintendo from anyone who dares say anything with a hint of negativity and ignore it. You need not defend a faceless company, and you certainly don't have to get so pathetically pissy over it.

I remember why I don't like commenting here, the fanboys and trolls rule and everyone else is caught in the middle.

Grimhammer002291d ago

If I was MS I'd announce 720 next week. Lol

Stephen55432291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

It would be a dumb move for Microsoft to do that. Sure it could put a damper on Wii U sales, but unless they were going to release it this year, it would destroy Microsoft's sales during the holidays as well.

representj2291d ago

thank goodness you're not in charge or working for a company like microsoft or sony because you are such a disgrace lol

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