Latest Nvidia & AMD high-end GPUs can handle pretty well 4K resolution games

DSOGaming writes: "Toshiba has demonstrated the first games, running at a 4K ( 3840×2160 ) resolution on its 4K Quad-FHD screen."

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Hatsune-Miku2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

Awesome, now I can't wait for the ps4. Let's see If people will continue to believe that the Sony ps4 wont be able to play some AAA games in 4k resolution especially when Sony is selling 4k telis now

john22293d ago

Sony said that PS4 will support 4K resolutions, meaning support for these screens and upcoming movies(provided we get this kind of movies). Don't expect PS4 games to run natively at 4K resolutions (obviously they will be upscaled)

DigitalAnalog2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

Didn't you hear what the promoter just said? He says the 4K that is powering Grid (a current gen game) is running at the MOST powerful graphic cards at the moment 680 and 7970 at 30fps. That is how demanding this resolution can take. These cards costs at least $499 ALONE. If SONY were to render games like this it would NOT be a current-gen game. Most likely only the PS2 games could run at this resolution.

Even if the PS4 does sport a 680, it will NOT run next-gen games at 4K. More like current gen games like Uncharted or Resistance.

hellvaguy2292d ago

"the MOST powerful graphic cards at the moment 680 and 7970 at 30fps"

690 is the most powerful of them all, says the Hulk.

KMCROC542292d ago

Not many people at first are going to say anything cause not everyone is well off or stupid enough to drop 20-25k on a tv.

fr0sty2292d ago

Are we talking current gen 4k, or next gen 4k? PS3 can run ps2 games at native 1080p (maybe even higher) also, but you won't find many ps3 games running at native 1080p.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

Yeah consoles won't have 4k gaming. For one console devs want to squeeze out all the power which means 1080p.As the hardware gets older and games look better they might lower fps and resolution like they do now.
Also gtx 680 won't fit in a console box.

Tech is moving to fast for consoles. Wait until nvidia Maxwell (delayed till 2014) & consoles will be surpassed early this time.
by 2015 4k will be available on all high end/ mid ranged pc cards.

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Fishy Fingers2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

Even new Ivy Bridge CPUs support the 4K resolution with their onboard GPU, as does Nvidia and AMDs flagship cards.

There's nothing special about it, many current GPUs could support 4K (other than their output), there just hasn't been the panels to warrant it.

Raf1k12292d ago

There's a big difference between hardware supporting 4K and it being able to run core games at 4K. Running an operating system at 4K is nothing like running a game at that resolution.

We certainly won't be seeing next-gen console games running at 4k unless they're not very demanding like at 2D fighter e.g. BlazBlue. I think the 4K support is mainly for 4K bluray which we're likely to see at some point in future as I've stated before.

This would certainly help in future-proofing the PS4 somewhat not that you can fully future proof something like that.

Pain_Killer2292d ago

Running and Supporting are two different things.

Low end and mainstream hardware can support higher resolutions but can the same hardware run them?

TheoreticalParticle2292d ago

"Latest Nvidia & AMD high-end GPUs can handle pretty well 4K resolution games"

Are you guys even trying any more? If your headline sounds like it was written by someone who has the writing skills of a 2nd grader, why would I ever want to visit your site?

ZoyosJD2292d ago

That's what the guy in the video said, and I'm not blaming him because English clearly isn't his first language.

TheoreticalParticle2292d ago

If he's quoting the guy in the video, then he needs to use quotation marks.

LAWSON722292d ago

Well considering these TVs are expensive as hell, I wont care about it until they are at least a $1000.

TABSF2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

4k on next Xbox and PS4, don't think so. Maybe movies and arcade titles.

He was talking about HD 7970 and GTX 680 these GPUs cost £350-£450 and they can only run at 30Hz, it looked like it lagging in that presentation on Dirt Showdown.

Sorry but 30fps feels like its lagging to me, 30fps is welfare.

If your expecting PS4 and Next Xbox to run 4k resolution then be prepared to see £600-£800 consoles.

Those 2 GPUs are the most power single chips on the market and they are struggling, Maxwell and Sea Islands are not out till 2013/2014 next gen would of already started.

LAWSON722292d ago

yeah some actually aint ignorant

Pain_Killer2292d ago

The GTX 680 and HD 7970 both card run 4K resolution at 30-35 AVG FPS on the most demanding titles such as Battlefield 3.


Dirt Showdown ain't that much of a resource hog as BF3 so the only limiting factor is the 30Hz on the monitor, not the GPU's. Provide them a 60Hz and they would easily churn out better frame rates.

And about that so called Next Gen, Even if they do bring out these console by 2013 do you really expect them to outperform current series GPU's?

NVIDIA would out the GK110 on consumer level by 1H 2013 and so would AMD out its Sea Island, Those are enough to take the performance crown back from these so called next gen consoles if they atleast manage to run faster than current gen cards.

TABSF2291d ago

Of course

If anyone thinks that Consoles will have GPUs that can even compete with GTX 580 or HD 6970 then they are completely mistaken. Same with the of course newer series HD 7970 and GTX 680.

Hell I'll be surprised if PS4/NXB can complete with GTX 480 and HD 5870

GK110 will have 2880 cores with a die size way over 500mm2, its gonna be a beast. expect very high temps, noise and price :)

Maxwell and Sea Islands are gonna be out either just before or just after next gen console get release making it impossible for them to feature them.

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