Smash Bros. Brawl: Connecting Online

IGN writes:
It's throwdown time: IGN LA versus IGN SF. We test Brawl's online mode and walk away impressed. Details and movies.

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Not the Face3730d ago

if you play with friend but matchmaking takes a while. and if you only want one on one battles you cant choose, at least in open play, still its great! i just hope i can bring my japanese wii back to the states and have it work online ok...

M_Prime3730d ago

lucky guy... at least u get to play it now..

and it should work okay.. some review sites use Japanese Wiis here.. though i dunno if u would be able to get on the JP network.. but u wil be able to play the game.. LUCKY!

OC Shock Value3730d ago

I need this game Right now.. this is gonna be a SLOW painful month

Vulcan Raven3729d ago

so will this have 4 player offline?

KeiZka3729d ago

...yes? Why wouldn't it have?

ChickeyCantor3729d ago

i dont want to bash you but that was one retarded question...0_o

Vulcan Raven3728d ago

how is that retarded? I know it has online and when a game states it is multiplayer it refers to online 90% of the time. So before you spout off at the mouth try to engage your brain and engage in constructive and intellectual conversation.

KeiZka3728d ago

Because it's a given fact that'll have it? The whole game was based on being 4-player offline mayhem in the first place?

But anyway, check

It should have the info you seek.

(I still don't know what there is to discuss about it...?)

Vulcan Raven3728d ago

Thank you. I have never played any of these games before and was curious. Sorry for asking a relevant, but noob question.

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OC Shock Value3729d ago

All this really means is the ass beatings that i will give you people will be silky smooth.. once again anyone who wants their sorry ass beat in march.. please feel fee 2 add me.. check my profile for my info and send me yours..

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