Why Are Video Game Rumours Reported as News?

Video game rumours are like a nerdy version of Hollywood gossip – it’s everywhere, it’s seldom true and it can ruin reputations.
But why oh why are rumours in this industry reported as news; hard facts? New consoles and anticipated games are exciting, but do they really warrant a flood of lies and hoaxes? And how are we supposed to sort the lies from the facts?

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iamnsuperman2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Because it is exciting and news worthy to have new consoles or whatever to ridiculous and magical things. Some publications I have noticed tend not to report on the stupid but then there are hundreds that do and get a stupid amount of attention and belief on this website

I disagree with this "But we’re not writing for Wikileaks – we’re posting news about video games; toys in most people’s eyes. What’s the worst that can happen by naming a source?" That may be true but these people (obviously if they do exist) could loose their job and find it very difficult to get new jobs because they are known as whistle blower/leaker.