Killzone Artist Quits Sony

After his work on the first three Killzone games, Xavier Marquis has quit Guerrilla Games and to join the team at Ubisoft.

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kerwin20053522d ago

he did a good job on the game.

timmyp533522d ago

Look at this:

I wonder what he is gonna do at Ubisoft.

kerwin20053522d ago

man they lost a good one what are they going to do now.

Panthers3522d ago

cancel the game. its over. just give up. what else can they do?

BrianC62343521d ago

Did you even read the link? If not it says it looks like he didn't do much at all in the new Killzone game. I don't think this loss will hurt the game at all. Nobody is dependent on one artist in gaming.

ravinash3521d ago

The art design has all been done for this game, its mainly down to the programming now. he's found another opportunity to move forward in his career and good on him.
With a mix up of artists working with different companies, the games should come out looking a little different...ya never know, maybe he will make the Ubisoft games look better.

Kami3522d ago

i would like to have his job. sony!!

Bladestar3521d ago

I was not aware Kill Zone 2 was going to include E.T for the Atari 2600... are they? If not what would they have you doing?

Sorry.. couldn't help it... I'm just kidding...

Kami3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

he was or is an artist, im an artist(kind of) not a programer or the designer so everithing should work ok.

Bonsai12143522d ago

concept art is usually much better than the finished product.. it allows for imagination to take free reign while the final product has lots of constrictions

its a shame to see him go. that image posted above is pretty cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.