The Walking Dead Episode 3 Finally Comes to the EU PSN

The Playstation EU blog team has just announced that the third episode of The Walking Dead will hit the EU PSN Store today

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JohnApocalypse2207d ago

The same thing happened with episode 2. Why is it taking so long to put them on there?

Dark_Overlord2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

SCEE is totally incompetent, the other branches SCEA etc seem to be far more organised.

LycanGav2207d ago

No, it's a problem with certification. In the US, a game has to pass one certification process, in the EU it's a different one for each country. With some countries in the EU having very strict guidelines for what can and cannot be in a game, it can lead to unfortunate delays.

Dark_Overlord2207d ago

Now I would believe that if it wasn't for the fact Microsoft seem to not have that problem

BelieveinGhosts2207d ago

why dont they put Counter Strike GO