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FIFA 13 review arrives: 'Better than 12 and the best on console'

CVG: GamesMaster review recommends the upgrade (FIFA 13, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

CZUM  +   995d ago
LOL :D -> "Better than 12 and the best on console" <- you gotta be kidding me :D

The same GamesMaster rated FIFA 12 94/100. That must mean something ;)
crxss  +   995d ago

Best FIFA ever probably 'cause arguably the best footballer ever is on the cover... yeah that must be it...
chazjamie  +   995d ago
12 was crap anyway. but i am looking forward to this. looks more like fifa 11, than 12.
Superkarga  +   995d ago
i think you are a crap anyway
asmith2306  +   995d ago
Are you twelve years old or something?
JKelloggs  +   995d ago
It looks more like FIFA 13 than any other FIFA tbh
asmith2306  +   995d ago
Yeah I didn't like 12 at all. I'm actually loving the PES 13 demo at the moment. I'll wait for a FIFA demo before I decide which to buy. PES seems like its back to the good old days!
IAmLee  +   995d ago
i've played 13 and it plays rather different to 12. still not to sure about it yet.
aiBreeze  +   995d ago
Everyone said Fifa 12 was the best one and thanks to the impact engine.. was the worst fifa I've bought in ages.
ado908  +   994d ago
Not sure how they're going to say Fifa 13 is that much better when all sports games are basically the same thing every year. Who would be dumb enough to spend 60 dollars a year on a new fifa, nba, or madden game?
krazykombatant  +   994d ago
Haven't bought a fifa since 08 i think this might be the year!

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