CheatCC Review: Rail Simulator (3.8 out of 5) - The Rail Life

CheatCC writes: "There's just something about railway travel that possesses a meditative quality. To some, the clacking of the tracks, blasting of the whistle, gentle rocking motion, and passing scenery act as serene white noise to lull the senses into a state of relaxation. For others, their interests lie in the mechanics of train operation: a world full of switches, levers, meters, and dials. Players can approach Electronic Arts' Rail Simulator from either perspective, derive whatever form of enjoyment they choose from the game, and leave the rest. As a railroad sim, the game will be most appreciated by train enthusiasts who find titillation at the controls of a chugging engine as they thunder past countless mile markers, but prospective armchair travelers will find much to like in terms of sight seeing and "travel" without leaving the comforts of home. Of course, the pacing may feel more than a tad too slow for some."

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YoMeViet3820d ago

Finally! My dreams of being a train conductor has been realized. Thank You Rail Simulator.

Please try to keep yourself from giggling at my dreams!!