Crystal Dynamics shows Lara Croft can kick major ass in Tomb Raider

Crystal Dynamics talks about Lara Croft's origin, and what makes this game unique among the Tomb Raider series.

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Parappa1926d ago

This isn't a Tomb Raider game so I'm not sure why they keep calling it that. I don't really care about whoever the new person is. I'd rather play a classic Tomb Raider with Lara Croft instead of whatever this is supposed to be with Loro Craft.

TheSlasher1926d ago

Then go and play one the old Tomb Raider games, ffs.
What makes you think anybody gives a shit about what you care about?
Keep that shit to yourself.

MysticStrummer1926d ago

"What makes you think anybody gives a shit about what you care about?"

Probably the same thought process that made you think anyone cares what you think about what he thinks, ya hypocritical bastid.

He's right that it doesn't look like a Tomb Raider game, but it looks cool so I'll give it a shot. Funny how many people are all about this game, but other times a franchise will change things up and people will bring the hate down on it. Gamers...

MysticStrummer1926d ago

Yes, and none of their Tomb Raiders has been like a Tomb Raider game.

brich2331926d ago

You dont like it? Then go jump off something really high, and see if we care :)

fermcr1926d ago

It's a evolution of Tomb Raider, and looks fantastic.

brich2331926d ago

This looks like Tomb Raider to me. Crystal Dynamics started developing Tomb Raider games since 2003.

jay21926d ago

Looking forwards to 5/3/13

Carl_Shocker1926d ago

Looks great but still just reminds me of Uncharted with a female lead. Instead of copying Uncharted they should of evolved it and made it into there own thing like what Uncharted did with Indiana Jones.

prototypeknuckles1926d ago

only thing im really concerned about is the mythological aspect, part of what made tomb raider cool was killing dinosaurs, ancient beast, and lost civilizations

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