DigitalTrends - Is this Konami’s year? Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

DigitalTrends - Konami has continually fallen behind EA’s soccer-sim giant, FIFA, with its own Pro Evolution soccer franchise. But 2013 could prove lucky for the perennial silver medalists, as the latest installent in the long-running series is already shaping up to be quite the title contender based on our recent hands-on preview.

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johnsonbat2292d ago

Gamewise yes but saleswise probably not. Looking forward to it.

Wh15ky2292d ago

Same question every year and it'll be the same answer it's been for the last 5 years - no.

But... If Konami were to implement Move support into the PS3 version and build on everything they've learned from their fantastic Wii version then they'd be onto a winner.

pompombrum2292d ago

LMFAO motion control.. yeah because that's what Konami need to do to compete with fifa again /s

Wh15ky2292d ago

I take it you haven't played the Wii version then?

pompombrum2292d ago

Nope, it won't be Konami's year but I think they've made it good enough again for old pes fans to really give it a look and maybe buy it. I absolutely love the manual passing button and secretly hope EA copy it for Fifa 14. I'd actually go as far as saying it's my favorite single new gameplay feature this generation in a football game.

Baka-akaB2292d ago

No way it could be anyway .In the general public Plenty people dropped pes as far back as the horrible 08 version. Some will admit they didnt even try the next versions , and just read the press ... obviously usually negative for good and bad reasons alike .

Well at least till now .