Is Kojima's Ground Zeroes target render too much of a next gen tease?

MSXbox: We take a look at the Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes trailer and are reminded of the Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer from 2005 E3 and TGS events, and how the actual game wasn't quite as good looking. Is it a repeat scenario, or is Kojima's target render hinting towards the possibilities of next gen gaming with their new Fox Engine? The demo was a showcase for Kojima's new Metal Gear game, but also a demonstration of the Fox Engine which is no doubt being used in next gen projects.

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Mikey Mike2287d ago

Uncharted looked just as good, so did Arkham City. Why does everyone want next gen so bad, things are not going to change that much.

vortis2287d ago

LOL uncharted and arkham city do not look anything like that.

Do you need to get your eyes fixed or something man? There aren't any PC games that look like that render and can run in real-time.

nepdyse2286d ago

Watch Dogs looks infinitely better. And it was running on a PC.

vortis2286d ago


Watch Dogs looked like current gen 1.5. It had people questioning if it was running on the 360/PS3 because only SOME parts looked good, not all of it.

MGS:GZ literally looks like CG and was running in real time. It's technologically impossible to run a game like that in real-time on current gen machines.

xtreampro2286d ago

The MGS:GZ demo looked great and in many ways it did look next-gen and it definitely looked like CGI, but the blades of grass and some bad textures kind of ruined.

As soon as it switched to gameplay the ground textures and the buildings in distance of the base kind of looked average and didn't look stunning.

But anyone who says it looks slightly better or is on par with Uncharted is an idiot.

Plagasx2286d ago

I'm assuming you aren't a PC gamer...

WeskerChildReborned2286d ago

MGS:GZ looks way better than Uncharted and Arkham city.

Nyxus2287d ago

Target render? That was ingame, running on the Fox Engine on a PC of roughly the same specs as the PS3/Xbox 360.

TheSlasher2287d ago

So, it's like a PS1 engine running on a PS3, then?

--Onilink--2286d ago

they SAID the PC spec were similar to what they think they can achieve on PS3. You take out the PR talk to avoid talking bad about the console version, then you just look at the graphics and you can clearly see that there is no way in hell the PS3/360 version will look like that

Sure, its probably going to look great, but c'mon we have been in this generation for more than 5 years already, everyone should be able to tell what can be expected graphically

lilmetal2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

If you compare the PS2's launch games to God of War 2, Shadow of the Colossus, or Final Fantasy XII, graphically, I'd say that's proof enough of how much things can change. All those games launched at least 5 years after the PS2.

--Onilink--2286d ago

yes, and i agree with having a big diference between launch games and games coming out 5 years later, thats totally expected. But what doesnt make any sense is that same big diference on games 5 years into the cycle and a soon to be released game.

We already know the graphical limits of this gen, they were the Uncharteds, Gran Turismos, Killzones, Gears of War, etc.

Thats my point, we have been long enough in this gen to know what to expect. And this footage is obviously out of reach for current consoles. Its like saying i was expecting the footage shown of BF3 PC to be what we were going to get on PS3/360, its just not possible

Sarcasm2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

I'm going to stick to my guns and make the assumption that MGSGZ will be like MGS4 graphics but improved upon. And IMO, it's going to be great.

Although I guess I'm not feeling the shock as other people mostly because I've been a PC gamer and am used to higher levels of graphics.

But even when I played MGS4, I still think it holds up very well for a 4 year old game (5-6 year old engine)

geth1gh2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Not really. Im sure it will look even better than that on the PC release.

As for the "next gen" comment, wtf are you talking about. He already stated this game would be on current gen systems.

-Mezzo-2286d ago

I love this series, have played and beaten each MGS game since the MGS 1 on PS1.

No Doubt, This looks spectacular, But if this is indeed a Next-Gen title than i am extremely disappointed.

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