New Release Games: September 9th - 15th, 2012 - A Very Busy Week

This week sees a lot of new downloadable releases on XBLA and PSN, with a few big retail releases as well.

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Relientk771662d ago

Awesome list of new releases

TrendyGamers1662d ago

I'll be getting quite a few games this week, starting with Double Dragon Neon for free.

Will you be getting anything?

BringingTheThunder1662d ago

i dont have high hopes for nba baller beats

beerkeg1662d ago

I'm buying I Am Alive on pc. Other than that there is nothing I'm interested in.

Cra2yey31662d ago

Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

TooTall191662d ago

I'm getting Battlefield 3 Premium Edition for PC and maybe Jet Set Radio.