FFXI gamer robbed, police refuse to investigate

Play Reports: Luurs' avatar, 'Sots', had amassed the stash over four years of play, and the newspaper reveals that in total his horde was apparently worth 75 million Gil - or nearly 4,000 USD. US police authorities have, so far, refused to investigate this crime, despite Luurs identifying former friend 'Ayri' as a suspect.

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Jack Bauer3816d ago

Square Enix owns your character and all your gil, i used to play closed...tough luck for cant sell what you dont own (even though people do), therefore it aint worth nothing.

poopface13816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

ohh wait it isnt. Theses Items and characters and game money are only worth something if you can find some dork to buy it. I still dont know how people can care so much about virtual swords, and magic armor and stupid [email protected]# like that. How is the gill worth money? I dont get that.

Madbrain3816d ago

He may now get out of his house and try to get laid!