What the demise of G4 says about gaming culture

A gamer's thoughts on what the fall of G4 means for gaming culture at large.

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TheFinalEpisode2287d ago

I don't think gamers are uninterested in the content of G4, it's just that the internet provides a better experience for gaming news, reviews, tips, etc.

Megaton2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

The channel was full of awful programming, so why did they expect people to watch? I stopped watching AOTS shortly after Munn joined, and I stopped watching X-Play when they relaunched in early 2008 after I saw how Xbox-centric their focus had become. The only times I've ever turned to that channel since then were for E3 coverage.

You can't just be like "HEY! GAMES AND YOUTUBE CLIPS!" and expect gamers to flock to your channel. There are a million better alternatives available 24/7 online.

cl19832287d ago

It doesn't say anything about the gaming culture. G4 removed all of their gaming shows except x play and all the tech from their line up, which is why they have lost their audience.

Godmars2902287d ago

That either the mainstream are losing interest, or the industry is pandering to the mainstream more eliminating the idea that channels like G4 need to address gamers.

Or like Megaton points out it was just a lousily channel which lost its focus some time ago.