Winning Eleven's Mii support video turns heads

Nintendo Wii Fanboy writes:
Very big heads, that is. The folks behind the Official Nintendo Magazine posted a video showing off Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008's RTS-esque plays and what the pitch will look like when you replace your team of normal-sized-head players with a squad of Miis, goofy expressions and all. It's worth watching the five-minute clip for both of those details!

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ChickeyCantor3815d ago

To be honest its freaking me out XD
pretty, its a game makes good use of the Wii....altough im not a fan of soccer T_T

wiizy3815d ago

its good to see all the effort konami is putting into this game.. it will end up being a great game.

gololo3815d ago

do you guys know if they are fixing the network play by the time they release this in North America (on PS3/360)?