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Although other pinball platforms have materialized in the wake of the Zen’s success, they fail to provide the same fanatical amount of polish. Similarly, the Plants vs. Zombies table is recommended to all but the most persnickety players who subsist only via unremitting challenge.

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JRPGLuva1901d ago

Hopefully, they're will be a PSN sale on the older tables soon.

RaptorMan1901d ago

I don't think they've had a sale yet on the tables. $2.49-$2.99 is pretty cheap as it is.

madmad1901d ago

I want the PvZ table, but I don't like that Zen is charging $3.00 for it instead of $2.50. Hell, even the Marvel tables were cheaper.

sharpsword1901d ago

Does it have the PvZ song at the end?

CharmingMan1901d ago

"There's a zombie on your table,
Don't even compared this to Fable
Because the third one wasn't able.

This game here has balls.
an no sign of invisible walls"

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