Legend of Zelda for Wii U: Greatest Wii U Game

What can we expect from Nintendo's new Zelda game?

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Relientk772266d ago

This is the game that will grab my interest the most when it comes to the Wii U. I love the Legend of Zelda series and cannot wait for a Zelda for the Wii U

forcefullpower2266d ago

With you on that. Strange that I am quite happy to pay hundred of pounds on a new console just to play one game.

DA_SHREDDER2266d ago

Just playing the game with a regular controller is gonna make me happy. This is gonna be a great game, but I'm looking more forward to a new Metroid fps, a 3D Mario, Mario Kart, and Nintendo's online social network capabilities. But yeah, I don't plan on getting one until more than 2 titles that I mentioned above are available.

Hatsune-Miku2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

I am not hyping a rumour or jumping on this hype train. I believe Wii u will have better games than Zelda with a lot of new IPs. The system was crafted so it can garner a lot of third party support so I am not relying on the usual and predictable games to identify what the system is. I believe in Nintendo and I might buy Zelda when its out even though I hated skyward sword but I don't want Nintendo going in the usual routine of only focusing on the usual 5 or so rinse and repeat exclusives. I won't be buying any of the Mario titles I've seen because they look like games I've played before.

Zombie u is going in the right direction where the devs are already talking about a sequel. Bethesda and a lot of other companies have already turned a blind eye to the Wii u without giving it a chance and Nintendo fanatics that lap up only exclusive titles or only care for the exclusives can do arm to the longevity of the console

Nintendos job is to focus alot on third party support and convince developers to make quality games for the console.

Jadedz2265d ago

A lot games are being developed via Wii U's virtual download service, so support for the console won't be as tragic as it was for the Wii.

I honestly believe that Smash Bros. U, will be the game that Jaded Nintendo fans will purchase a Wii U for.

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claud32266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Still no proof and still not believing this info. Until i see real evidence

Moncole2266d ago

The person just stated the obvious for the rumor, we all know it will be the biggest Zelda to date because Nintendo always makes them bigger. Its like saying there will be a 3D Mario on the wii U with HD grphics and huge world.

stragomccloud2266d ago

I'm glad the rumors say it will be in a style similar to Skyward Sword... and... I know I'm mostly alone on this(braces for mountains of disagrees), but I'm really disappointed that they seem to not be using motion plus for the next game.... Once I got the hang of it... stopped thinking of the game as waggle, and started visualizing the Wii remote as a real "whatever I was supposed to be holding," it really grew on me!
Still.... Zelda rumors often prove to be false.

Moerdigan2266d ago

"Unfortunately, the game will not include an online multiplayer mode"

That statement really bothered me.

It's a zelda game

Gen0ne2264d ago

Yeah I know right? Metroid tried that multiplayer crap too. We saw how that worked out. No multiplayer in Zelda? Good.

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