The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Hearthfire Review– Grand Designs | Metro

Metro: "Hearthfire is certainly a download that shatters preconceptions, but only in the sense that it never really allows you to do any of the things you thought it would."

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ab5olut10n2293d ago

I wonder if they shoveled this out so people would talk about the Dawnguard Fiasco a little less.

sonicsidewinder2293d ago

What is this fiasco?

I stopped playing Skyrim time ago and never thought to touch the dlc.

Grap2293d ago

it's not bad but it something we can do in pc with creation kit. with more option in it.

Nocturne1472293d ago

I can do this whitout DLC. Mods.....

madjedi2293d ago

I am on a console and i still wouldn't buy this dlc. I lied maybe for $1 i would, modders already have content like this and better already. This really seems like a component that should have been in the game.

But wasn't ready when the game released. Stick to real dlc like the expansions in fallout 3/nv.

shammgod2293d ago

I am sure there are several robots out there that will buy this. I sold skyrim a long time ago