More PS3's sold in 2007 than Xbox 360's: Reality and the Media

Sarcastic Gamer sifts through the flak and comes up with a bombshell: Sony sold more PS3's than Microsoft sold Xbox 360's.

From the article: "Let's talk about numbers, shall we? Not just any numbers mind you, but sales numbers. Sales numbers that show Microsoft sold 7.73m Xbox 360's in calendar 2007. While Sony sold 8.83m PS3s during that same period. The sources of these numbers are Microsoft and Sony and so far out on "teh interwebs," nobody's denying any of these sales numbers… but for the sake of this article, I'll spell them out and cite sources..."

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YoMeViet3730d ago

Wow read the entire article and it really hit some points, simple math and logic here, no complex equations. PS3 is on a roll can't wait for the 08' line-up.

OMG I just realized the PS3 outsold the 360 even thought it didn't have it's heavy hitters yet this year and competing with Halo 3 and it still outsold the 360...mind bottling...

Bonsai12143730d ago

its boggling. haha

but yeah, this is the "first year slump" sales, which happen with every console. its pretty easy to believe that next year will be even better (duh) because all the heavy hitters will land

YoMeViet3730d ago

Mind Bottling-its from "Blades of Glory" bonsai, when Wil said it and tried to explain it. "You know when thoughts are swirling in your head and it gets bottled up" LOL...not sure if that's what he said but it was close.

Frankenberg3730d ago

Especially since Sony is taking such a beating on the 2 separate price drops. I waited until it got to $400 before I picked up my ps3. Do you realize Sony only waited months before they dropped the price as the 360 waited well over 1 year. But what do you expect? Sony had to move fast or risk everyone not making games for their console if no one owned it.

If MS gets really aggressive which is expect around GTA4, they could compete with the Wii and would totally rule.

SoulReaper3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Sony never did a price drop all they did was bring out new PS3 SKUs. Actually ill take it back they did only one price drop and that was with the 60GB Sku. It was obvious that people did want the PS3, but it was expensive when it first launched in 2006 and that scared a lot of them. Sony did have a few heavy hitters last year such as War Hawk, Resistance, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, and Motor Storm..Also they have a few great PSN games..I expected Microsoft to actually take over but i guess i was wrong... Also the 360 software sales is great..The PS3 exclusive games and a few mutliplatform sold up 2 millions..

It seem to me ps3 fans only go out and buy games that is worth it and not a crappy port..

Bladestar3730d ago

actually only certain people find this strange... there is two ways to look at it... here is another:

1) Did you know how many people were waiting for the PS3 to be released; when one consider the over 120,000,000 existing Playstation fanbase? Does 8.x million sound that big?

2) The PS3 started selling after the $400 price drop.

3) The xbox brand is nothing compared to the Playstation brand as far as fanbase is concern... Here let me put it on perspective... if Honda (well known car manufacturer) released the 2009 Honda Accord... and Sony introduces a new car... which brand do you expect will sell more? do you expect the difference in sells to be a few hundred thounds specially if the prior Honda car sold over 120 million?

I think when the PS3 was released everyone though that by now the PS3 would have double the installbase... the PS3 did not perform as well as everyone expected... So, sony got smart and reduce the price of the PS3 to less than the xbox 360 elite...

Now, to someone that never owned an xbox 360 ... which one would you buy... a Playstation or an xbox when the PS3 is the same price as the xbox 360? Honesly, since I never own an original xbox and was always a Playstation fan... PS1 and PS2... If the PS3 would come at the sametime as the xbox 360 and at the same price I would not own an xbox 360... just due to brand recognition... which is why I totally ignored the original xbox...

Let's all be realistic... it does not matter how good the xbox 360 it can not beat the PS3 at the same price point... only the brand recognition would destroy it... So, who's fault is that the PS3 is beating the xbox 360 worldwide? Microsoft... they should of maintain price advantage over an already stablished brand(playstation)... but why should they? It's all about the money... having Halo and knowing that the Xbox 360 would sell well during xmass no matter what... why should they drop the price when they don't have to? It's logical... Sony drop the price to combat Halo 3 and it didn't stop people from buying the xbox 360 but it did help the PS3 sell well and 100% than prior price drop.

Now the cards are turning... Sony will have their top games.. Metal Gear and Final Fantasy... what will microsoft do? Drop price... what will Sony do? Nothing.. because they will sell well anyways... Sony will not need price drop with games like Metal Gear... just like microsoft will not need price drops when Gears 2 comes out.

2 things drive consoles... Exclusives and price drops... and they rarely happen at the sametime.... it would be missing out on making money...

I think Sony and Microsoft are play cards they way they should. No surprise.

3730d ago
bozobucketeer3730d ago

I always thought they took away your bubbles cuz you sounded like a jackass and made it sound like you invented ps3. But you're probably right, they probably hold a grudge against you and Nostradamus.

cmrbe3730d ago

the best exclusives that the x360 had in 2007 were mainly for the already established hardcore fanbase of the x360. In other words i believe that despite critical and financial scucess of these games. They didn't expand the x360 audiance to the mainstream and casual gamers. There are other factors as well such as the hardware issue. While in the US the warrenty is sufficient. I believe in other parts of the world the warrenty wasn't ideal as it would take alot more time to fix broken boxes.

PS execs always maintain that they do not rely on single games to succeed and it is true. Games like Eye of Judjemnt for example although will not sell like the Halo's and MGS's of the world will do just fine but more importantly it dose offer to prospective PS3 owner that happens to love card games something particularly for them. The strngth of PS brand is the fact that it has something for everyone of every taste of every region.Although the PS3 has big games like MGS,GT and FF. These games alone will not win the console war but rather these games and a collection of other different games which appeals to other segements of the market will.

I agree with Blade that the PS brand is very strong. It is very strong because they have earned it.

ravenguard883729d ago

But consider the fact that there is such a low software attach rate, it's likely that even as much as half of the PS3s out there are being used exclusively as bluray players.

GIJeff3729d ago

for once i kinda agree with you

playstation is like toyota and the 360 is like a deawoo...

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Lord Anubis3730d ago

the games that will make sony open the flood gates will be MGS4 and GT5.

Those two games were the reason I bought the PS2 and PS3.

Tempist3729d ago

'Out look not so good.' on behalf of Microsoft's Xbox360.

Spike473730d ago

these numbers are true or not,(It's pretty much true) The PS3 selling around the same amount or beating the xbox360's sales in 2007 is a real shocker.

I mean the Ps3 launched with a painful price of 600 dollars. Not to mention the games to show off the Ps3's power weer'nt even there.
For God sakes the xbox360 had halo3!!!!!!!! How can you pull that off?

If these numbers are true, The PS3 should obliterate the competition because :

1. the price is no longer high.

2. look at the games

This is just basically simple to understand.

* This is simple to understand, If MS can't pull it off now when everything is clearly laid out before their eyes, then you could only imagine when Sony gets their big guns.

meepmoopmeep3730d ago

and MS released Halo 3, CoD4, Bioshock and Mass Effect and STILL got beat by the PS3 then the 360 has a very bad future ahead for themselves when the PS3 drops MGS4, GT5, LBP, FFXIII, KZ2, RfoM2.. it just keeps on going...

CaliGamer3730d ago

Many on this site like to quote numbers and post graphs, but have no idea what the numbers mean. This article does a good job of breaking things down into terms that anyone can understand and cites some good sources, but I have the feeling that people will still deny this information. Ignorance is bliss I guess.

Mattearl3730d ago

i guess time will only tell. But if the PS3 really out sold the 360, then thats awesome, i really don't care about this console war.

I just want some big freakin games to come out *cough* MGS4 & FFXIII *cough*

CaliGamer3730d ago

If you care for the big games then in a way you should care about the console war and the accuracy of the numbers represented. I hope I am wrong, but on the off chance that studios and companies take what is reported in the media as the truth like so many supposed "gamers" do, then they might mistakenly pass up producing games for the PS3 based on faulty numbers.

For sure as a regular gamer obsessing over these numbers is kinda silly, the perception that the 360 is doing so well when it has been proven that the PS3 is holding its own and even surpassing it needs to be brought to light.

I just like the fact that this article refutes the BS numbers some of the more hardcore supporters of the 360 have been throwing around for months and puts the information into manageable language that even they have to take notice of.

All in all, the PS3 is poised to be the go to place for your gaming needs and thats a fact.

JSA-Gamer3730d ago

Fortunately or Unfortunately (depending on how you look at it) Xbox 360 is kicking the crap out of the Wii and PS3, almost combined... Maybe the surge in PS3's sold will change that, but only time will tell

skitzoid3730d ago

When I see sales charts of multiplatform games they are actually selling just as good if not better on the PS3 recently. If you take userbase size into account. The 360 has almost 2x the userbase of the PS3 yet the games are not out selling 2 to 1. Burnout, COD4 and now DMC4 show this.

bozobucketeer3730d ago

I don't know how accurate vgchartz is, but according to them CoD4 is selling 2x as many on 360 than ps3.

This is also with 16.76 million X360s to 9.71 million ps3s. Now there's not much of a difference, but more games are being sold on 360 than ps3. Don't confuse this with me bragging or defending a console, I'm actually just backing up JSA-gamer's comment.

Mattearl3729d ago

"If you care for the big games then in a way you should care about the console war and the accuracy of the numbers represented."

Your very right about that. i didn't think about it that way.

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