Midway & Surreal Next Big Title: This is Vegas

Midway and Surreal reveal their next big title.

There's an original game in the works up at Surreal's Seattle studio that's looking to put the sin back in Sin City. Prepare yourself for a different approach to the open-world game. This is Vegas takes the oft visited genre and fills it with everything Las Vegas is known for: gambling, parties, fast cars and scantily clad girls. All of that and you won't even have to take out a second mortgage on your house to foot the bill.

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INehalemEXI3760d ago

Corny, looks aight though.

romaink3760d ago

Unreal 3 Engine? doesn't look like it works too well for this type of game.

Ri0tSquad3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Sega and Midway have been doing pretty bad lately.
Eh, who knows. It could be alright. Guess we'll have to find out.

jackdoe3760d ago

It does look like another "gem" after the "wonderful" Stranglehold and Blacksite releases. Midway is gonna hemorrage more cash this year.

MK_Red3760d ago

I saw Midway and next big title... for second there I though MK8 is finally revealed...
Guess that was too "surreal".

Looks cool but after Midway's not so good performance (Stranglehold was decent but every other recent Midway release was mediocre to horrible).

DeadlyFire3760d ago

MK 8 is coming this year. Don't worry. It will be unvieled sometime between March and May. :P

MK_Red3760d ago

Thanks for your comment. Hopefully they don't rush it but also don't delay it too much.

ChaosKnight3760d ago

Hey Surreal... please work on The Suffering 3. =)This kinda reminds me of the Namco canceled, Frame City Killer... minus the super natural abilities and drugs. Animation looks alright... but driving based on that video looks rough, eh?

Skerj3760d ago

Why oh why was Frame City Killer cancelled!? That game made me get a 360 to begin with :(

ChaosKnight3760d ago

Same with me =( It wasn't perfect, but there was a lot of creativity and appeal behind it... I hope Namco better learns how to use the Unreal engine and picks it back up in the future.