August 2012 NPD: Nintendo's response, NSMB2 and KH3D sales

Nintendo has responded to the latest NPD report.

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MultiConsoleGamer2058d ago

Before these numbers were released the spin machine was in full effect. Now that the numbers are out the spin machine is surprisingly quiet.

Probably too busy to talk with that mouthfull of crow...

mrbojingles2058d ago

What spinning are you referring to? Honestly I'm not aware of what you're talking about so please (I'm not kidding, seriously just saw NPD numbers) inform me.

But off the top of my head the NSMB2 numbers seem good for about one week of data and it sounds on par with the previous openings of the series.

KH3D could've done better.

Xperia_ion2058d ago

Good for Nintendo, but I would like something hmmmmmmm... you know more...... how can I say this... nm lollol.

I think the Gamcube is in the top three of best consoles ever made, look how much it sold, yeah, rubbing sales into people faces with that post, you wanna start a flame war, get a life.

Why don't you brag about Twlight sales and Two and Half Men viewers while you're at it.

Pretty Average, but congrats for Nintendo with all that money maybe they can make something epic.

MultiConsoleGamer2058d ago

"THE CONSOLE WAR IS OVER" (Some people might get that reference.)

And my comment was directed at a very specific and vocal group of people who wanted to see this game fail.

But thanks for getting on that soap box of yours to enlighten us. If there's anything the world needs its more proselytizing.

mrbojingles2058d ago

What on earth are you talking about? How am I starting a flame war about sales?

I said KH3D could've done better (60k short of BBS's opening) and that NSMB2 numbers seem good for a short week.

I don't understand why you chose my comment to respond in a long, dramatic rebuttal when my statement never really was meant for any of that.

I really think you're taking my comment too seriously.