European / Others Hardware Charts for Week Ending February 3rd, 2008

VGChartz reports that the European & Others Hardware Charts for Week Ending February 3rd, 2008 were as follows:

(IN brackets is last weeks #)

Hardware Total:

DSL: 202,948 (192,813)
Wii: 149,980 (120,423)
PS3: 65,510 (69,560)
PSP: 50,008 (51,502)
PS2: 45,711 (47,236)
360: 42,601 (45,224)


DSL: 54,441 (48,885)
Wii: 53,697 (35,875)
360: 15,369 (16,751)
PS3: 13,458 (15,124)
PSP: 8,352 (8,682)
PS2: 7,382 (7,080)


DSL: 40,077 (38,803)
Wii: 39,154 (35,177)
PS3: 13,016 (13,970)
PSP: 7,504 (7,746)
PS2: 4,025 (4,210)
360: 3,120 (3,390)


DSL: 13,689 (14,465)
Wii: 11,038 (9,842)
PS3: 9,850 (10,163)
PS2: 8,550 (9,385)
PSP: 7,399 (7,581)
360: 1,933 (2,094)

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HarryEtTubMan3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

PS3 is gonna win by 40,000-60,000 again. 360 is getting PWNED. LOL at the dumb XBOT whos gonna reply to this comment all hot and bothered. You BOTS are gonna get pwned for the next 9 years. A 250$ PS3 with all the Exclusives and Multiplatforms= better than the 360. PSN is being remodeled. In game XMB. It will be better than XBL for FREE. Playstation Home for free. PS3 PWNS the Crustbox.

LMAO the cardboard box is even losing the PS2 and PSP already. Ouch. Microsft WILL WITHOUT A DOUBT COME IN LAST PLACE. PS3 isn't even close to it's peak. The 360 can only beat the 150$ PS3 in the U.S. by 25,000-35,000 now lmao, with not one big game. MILLIONS are waiting. All my friends want a PS3 now... some this year for MGS4, Resistance 2 and KZ2, GTA 4, Little Big Planet.... some say in the next couple years... all I know is the PS3 is gonna skunk the Junkbox.

resistance1003818d ago

I can see Ps3 shifting towards the 80K mark in japan this week, i mean heck DW6 got it to 65K and DMC is bigger than DW

heyheyhey3818d ago

ha look at Spain and France

the 360 got b!tchslapped by the ps2 in both countries let alone the ps3

ps3 has won europe and japan- its time to overcome the hardest obstacle yet- US of A

Snukadaman3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

People in north america are still leery of the ps3 for the fact that it cant play games too its potential...Oh dont get me wrong..its selling right now as a cheaper alternative for a stand=alone blu-ray player..but as a gaming could be selling much more better and most people know this.

oh and you call 32K winning in japan?...both the ps3 and 360 have a long way to go until it is accepted in japan..I will give you europe though.

resistance1003818d ago

Well Ps3 has some top ' AAA' FPS (popular in america as we have seen) hiting this year with Killzone 2, Resistance 2, HAZE and more, so that will appeal to the market. The predicted rise in HDTV sets in the US will help ps3 sales because of blu-ray. And then other games such as gran Turismo and MGS4 will help more. I can see 360 & PS3 being neck and neck in the US this year, with ps3 winning in 2009, however ps3 will dominate in europe and japan this year over 360

heyheyhey3818d ago

so basically nothing has changed in the EU:

the DS and the Wii still murder everything and the PS3 is still at a steady 20k ahead of the 360, and the PS2 is still selling pretty well despite no new games

PS3PCFTW3818d ago

u guys remember me?


im the one that said bluray would kill hddvd in january.
I also said that ps3 would dominate starting with ratchet warhawk and uncharted.
I also said 360 and wii sales would weaken while the ferrari shifts into 2nd gear.
AKA 2nd year of console life, aka sony dominates in its second year out. ALWAYS.

Im the same person that said firstknight the mart and all the other xbots would leave n4g around this time.

Xbots are done. there is no more rerason for them to live. SONY OWNS THEM AND BILLGATES

everytime i foretold the future, the xbots took my bubbles away 1 by 1.

sony fans and xbot hunters, return my bubles please

Skaterboy Tell Em3818d ago

IDK why americans keep buying the POS console that is xbox 360.There is just no reason to buy one this year with a crappy game lineup and POS hardware.

pwnsause3818d ago

when the important games release, expect the PS3 to pull away from the 360 in the UK. just stating facts.

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