This Week's Releases (4th - 10th February 2008)

January may not have seen that many releases but it seems February is kicking off with 18 new releases! Including Conflict: Denied Ops and lots more

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games4fun3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

conflict denied ops just needs to go away i will feel sorry for those that buy it. No matter what console you own do not buy the game it will be horrible to say the least

Kleptic3367d ago

haha totally agree...

after the demo of denied ops, I was truely hoping that the game was not ready for release until is just about as bad as a first person shooter could possibly get...

InMyOpinion3367d ago

It's even worse than Hour of victory.

DTClown3367d ago

wake me up when KZ2, R:FoM2, LBP, & GTA come out.

Bolts3367d ago

Whats the deal with all the lousy FPS these days? Turok, Timeshift, and now this piece of trash. It can't be that hard to make a good FPS is it?

InMyOpinion3367d ago

Turok and Timeshift are masterpieces compared to this game.

BrianC62343367d ago

Wow, what a big list of Wii games. And all crap. I wonder if any of those games will sell 10,000 copies? Agatha Christie anyone? That game must be for the grannies who bought a Wii.