Kombo Hands-on: WipEout Pulse

Kombo goes hands-on with WipeEout Pulse. Excerpt:"Futuristic racing games have always had their place in gaming. Tron, F-Zero, Xtreme-G, Kenetika, WipEout and a host of other games have driven extreme speeds of the distant futures roads with varying success. One of the franchises that has spanned over 10 years over 6 consoles is WipEout. Normally associated with Sony's PlayStation consoles, there have been plenty of WipEout games that have appeared else where until the developers behind the games were eventually bought by Sony.

The PSP has seen its share of WipEout love. Launching the system with WipEout Pure, gamers were thrust face first into the handheld with no seat belt. The game featured some intense tracks and blistering speeds. Gamers have waited on baited breath to get some more futuristic racing action. The good news is your don't have to hold your breath any longer."

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