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Halo 4 seems a lot like Call Of Duty

Halo 4 seems solid but something is a little off. It's way too much like the Call of Duty series. (Halo 4, Xbox 360)

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IQUITN4G  +   1085d ago
The differences between the two are clearly contrasting in how they play though. Certain working social elements need to be embraced for games to take advantage of the fascination people have with level ups etc so I wouldn't be surprised to see them feature, but Halo is big enough to exist on it's own merits too which there are lots in Halo4

Halo vanilla as it was with Halo2 is where I'd like to see things personally, but certain abilities like Jet Pack for example don't really take it out of that. Camo and armour lock are a shame though for those that want to just run around shooting and a gametype choice would be nice
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Shadonic  +   1084d ago
theres no armor lock in halo 4
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Intentions  +   1085d ago
Doesn't feel like CoD at all.
pat_11_5  +   1084d ago
To me it really wasn't the feel, it's just all the features 343 added to the game.
AO1JMM  +   1084d ago
Not in the least. All multiplayer FPS have similiar gameplay features now.
Shadonic  +   1084d ago
exactly and its been like that before even COD introduced there streamlined system. I remember when i used to play some old PC shooter game where you could basically do what COD has been getting so much credit for the only difference was that it wasent as streamlined or the UI wasent as simple as COD's IDK if its just that this generation of gamers dont really know the history or real truth of things or if there just plain un aware of games outside of the consoles and if they had played such games didnt realize that there raved COD loadouts thing is like a upgraded version of something else.
CalvinKlein  +   1084d ago
yup and they all have recharging health- RIPPED OFF FROM HALO 1 shield. At least halo you have a shield so it makes sense when it recharges.
Shadonic  +   1084d ago
Why does everybody think that if you have to push your thumbstick in to run its a rip off of COD ?
pat_11_5  +   1084d ago
Because CoD started it, it became a trend and now it's in almost every FPS game.
A7XEric  +   1083d ago
Oh god this is hilarious. So you really think CoD was the first FPS to have sprint? That's cute.

Sprint was also a feature that was at one point going to be in Halo 2, but got cut (along with half of the game's other features too <_<)
JANF  +   1084d ago
uh oh... someone is desperate for hits... How is it like COD when the gameplay is completely different. People need to stop with this comparisons. For starters Halo has health and shield. psssssssss....
ALLWRONG  +   1084d ago
Slow day?
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Parappa  +   1084d ago
Halo hasn't been good since Halo 2. I don't even see why they bother to milk it anymore as it's nothing like how the good Halo games were. They should've just named it something else and had it be a new IP (of course it wouldn't sell then).
Sainox16  +   1084d ago
Most fps have similarities like killstreaks n perks now kid..
delosisland  +   1084d ago
First of all Parappa, shut the hell up. Second, when you can board an enemy's passenger seat and punch the drive out of the f#$%in vehicle in CoD, then we'll talk. Until then this sh#$ needs to stop. Go watch videos, just cuz they're sprinting and using (actual unique) abilities does not make it CoD. One on one battles can last quite a few seconds as opposed to half a second. Power weapons are on maps that help control the battle. Jump height let's you navigate unlike most other games (seriously they jump a lot higher than their head level). Vehicle control can win a match. Assassinations and for that matter melee are much much much better than CoD (not 1 hit instant kill unless behind opponent). Hell even general movement speed has always been faster than CoD running speed. Go sprint in CoD then walk around in Halo. The main complaint people have is that everyone doesn't start out on a level playing field. I understand, but these rpg elements are the future of all games. I love customizing my character to my play style. Halo 3 is actually very slow paced and can be boring nowadays. It worked back then, but this is so much more exciting and varied. Every player has a different setup. But you're skill will win if you're better. "I don't wanna lose a battle because they have a better perk!!!" I'm sorry but look up the list of perks and abilities. Not one is an I WIN ability. That's just ridiculous. Starting weapon loadouts is also the BEST new addition. Everyone starting with Battle rifles is f#$$ING boring. Same with Gears 3, it added variety and choices. People can finally play just how they WANT to play. This is still Halo and people saying it isn't are just so Damn stubborn its irritating. Summary: vehicles and unique sandbox of abilities and weapons make Halo 4 extremely unique.
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sandman224  +   1084d ago
Last time I saw a video of halo 4 it was nothing like call of duty. It still takes a whole clip to kill someone unless you shoot there head. Then it takes half a clip.
supraking951  +   1084d ago
lol if Halo 4 played like previous Halo's this article would still spin it as a negative
3-4-5  +   1084d ago
While I loved Halo 2 and it's maps, there was hardly any skill.

I would dominate and so would a lot of us by simply duel wielding guns and killing everyone super fast.

It was faced pace and fun, but skilled it was not.
HmongAmerican  +   1084d ago
Follows the trend or left behind, especially if your game is a FPS.
StreetsofRage  +   1084d ago
Like the great Peter Griffin would say..."Canada SUCKS!"

Many of the hardcore MLG players have already been praising this as the best Halo yet. That's the only opinion I need.
TotalSynthesisX  +   1084d ago
Halo isn't trying to be like Call of Duty. It's trying to catch up with EVERY OTHER FPS out there. Halo was getting stale and needed an overhaul.

It pisses me off how it appears to uneducated eyes that when Halo adds something new and fresh, "ZOMG GUISE IT'S TRIEIEIING TO B LIEK COD LOL." Call of Duty isn't the first game to introduce perks or weapon skins. Battlefield 3 has them and yet no one bothers comparing those, even though they're much more similar to each other than Halo is to CoD.

I'm sick of this stupid comparison bullshit. CoD fans, continue playing CoD and enjoy it for what it is. Us Halo fans will continue to play Halo and enjoy it for what it is. Give this comparison crap a goddamn rest. There's no point to it anyway.

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