Assassin's Creed III - Television Commercial Live Now

Ubisoft premiered the television commercial of Assassin’s Creed III

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Emilio_Estevez2055d ago

Saw this on tv last night, pretty epic.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2055d ago

may i ask what channel? just out of curiosity

Emilio_Estevez2055d ago

NBC, during the football game, 3rd quarter.

Great name too

Carl_Shocker2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

"He is detined to lead us to freedom"

"This country might finally be free"

I thought he wasn't supposed to be on a side, I thought Ubisoft said it wasn't about the war and I thought they said Connor wouldn't get involved in it...the war wasn't his interest.

So the truth is finally out...why did Ubisoft lie, they made the British the evil ones and turned it into a British vs American thing instead of it being a Assassin vs Templar thing. When I first saw AC2 videos and trailers I knew it was about the templars and bringing them down...this though just seems to be about winning the war.

It just dosen't make any sense in the AC mytho that the British would be the evil ones, surley it would of made more sense if the British were mad eup of Assassins to try and liberate America from Templar control or to try and stop them so America isn't founded under them. The US was always the main source of the templars as said in the codex pages.

It bugs me more that they've lied and talked crap about this subject since it was released, "Oh Connor is netural", "Connor won't ge invovled", "we don't want to make one side look evil, no one is" and then all we've seen is one sidedness in the game since it was announced, I mean look at the E3 trailer. Why havent we've seen no footage, screenshots or gameplay videos of Connor helping the British.

I hate when developers lie, they only did this to sell more copies in America.


Disagree all you want but Ubisoft have lied to us and if any other company did this like Capcom/Square Enix/Activision or EA it would be exactly the same. I'm not "hating" on the game I just don't understand why they would lie, why not and come out and say "Oh yeah they are the enemy".

Technical World2055d ago

I don't see why anybody thinks it's an issue. I understand what you don't like is that they lied and I agree with that it's just dumb that they lied if it turns out to be Britain is the enemy. But the whole "Why are the British being attacked?" Because a story where you're fighting for your country's freedom is alot better than a story of fighting to keep a country under your control and then losing. If America lost then people would probably choose to portray the British side because they won. Get over it everybody!

Carl_Shocker2055d ago

I never once mentioned anything about me making a big deal over British people being murdered I just don't understand the BS lies Ubisoft have been going on about trying to cover this up.

As I said if people actually bothered to read the codexs and stuff in the past AC games then you would know Templar control first gained power in America, thats where they started to gain power and rise through the ranks to control everything thus leading to them having mega corporations like Abstergo in the present.

It would of been better for you to fight off the British, find out that British are mostly Assasins, you fight with them, you loose at the end, America is formed and it's explained why over the years Assasins started to die out thus leading to Desmonds present where companys like Abstergo Industries control the world. It makes more sense "mytho" wise because it would of been the perfect oppounity to see why the Assasins start to die out.

Why do people keep thinking that anyone who brings up Ubisofts lies and BS automaticaly is upset that you get to kill British people. It's not that...honestly.

Lucreto2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Have you played the game through?

They may not have showed them as it could be a big spoiler. All it takes is a informant in the American ranks before a major battle.

We don't know how much of the war Connor covers. All we know 2 sequences could be set after the war getting templers hidden in the American side.

Just because they are showing a one sided trailer doesn't mean the whole game is one sided.

Carl_Shocker2055d ago

"Just because they are showing a one sided trailer doesn't mean the whole game is one sided."

It's not just that though, it's EVERYTHING they've shown since AC3 was announced.

The screenshots, the boxart, the teaser trailer, the first trailer, the E3 trailer, the first gameplay video, the second gameplay video, the RISE trailer, the Independence day trailer, these adverts etc I could go on. I think I've seen one bit in a trailer where he kills so Americans but even then thats nothing since it could just be the player messing around.

Everything we've seen points to Connor helping the Americans win the war, the missions seem like they will be to help the Americans decrease the British defenses so they can move in and it just seems to go againt what they've been saying on this subject. I mean it goes something like....

"Oh yeah Connor is netural, he won't get involved in the war, he's not helping anyside"

and then you see the E3 trailer a few days after where he leads then to victory. Wouldn't it of been better to show Connor arrivce in the battlefield from the middle, go straight down of the battlefield killing Americans and British soldiers and then killing the two generals before riding away actually giving off the impression that Templars are his goal, not the war.

vallencer2055d ago

Just because that's what they say in the trailer doesnt mean that ubisoft lied. That side could be thinking that's what he's there for when in reality he has his own agenda and is working both sides. Dude just relax I doubt ubisoft lied to you. They could only be showing one side as to not ruin and spoil things.

rpd1232055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Let me ask you something. If you were secretly helping both sides during the war so that you could oust Templars, would you advertise that to both sides? To the American's, Conner is a huge asset and so they believe he will lead them to freedom. Also, Conner saying "this country might finally be free" has absolutely nothing to do with taking sides. That's just stating fact.

Keep in mind that the advertising department is also completely different than the development team. They showed this to an American audience during the first football game of the season, of course they are going to prey on patriotic sentiments.

liquidhalos2055d ago

I always figured that Connor has been duped into helping the Americans beat the British by the templars and its only revealed at the end of the game which would lead us into the next game. Its just a thought.

Ill be pretty bummed if it turns out that Ubisoft has lied to us fans too. Not because i dont want to kill the British or care for that matter. Id just be annoyed that the makers of a series that i have faithfully supported since day 1 would lie to me.

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Axonometri2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )


m232055d ago

Wasn't gonna get this game, but scored it for free so now I'm interested.

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