Hail to the Chimp Trailer

A new trailer from IGN showing a new game for the PS3 called, Hail to the Chimp.

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DarkSniper3543d ago

One of the more unique titles for PLAYSTATION® 3. Hail to the chimp looks like this will cater to the young children audience so therefore Dark Sniper has no reason to play this game. However, it delights Dark Sniper to see that Sony is once again flooding the market with a plethora of quality games for all ages to enjoy. Something XBOX 360 only dreams of doing.

Viva Pinata' cant do it all by itself.


DarkSniiper3543d ago

I love games like this and viva party animals.

Xbox 360 FTW!!!


MaximusPrime3543d ago

Lol great video!

All hail to the Chimp!

Jamegohanssj53543d ago

This isn't exclusive, so Jame doesn't care.

V-1 Out!

Delt43543d ago

you need to stop talking in the third person.....your sound freakin retarded

Delt43543d ago

.......seriously? I cant stand games like this

Delt43543d ago

I dont know man i just cant play them.....prob cause they are the only games where i get all pissed off at. i loose at the easiest parts. I mean give me an FPS or MMO and i can kick some ass but these ones i just cant do it. Its odd i know but we all have a genre we suck at.

Rice3543d ago

like me and celery, we never mix.

Delt43543d ago

lol yeah exactly. Well hopefully someone will get some joy out of this game. I am just gunna wait for RFOM2 KZ2 and GOW2.....lots of 2 in there but all will be games i will be hooked on

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Alcohog3543d ago

How can you make a game based on a Simpsons reference?

Not the Face3543d ago

i was hoping it was a simpsons game but no...just another stolen idea...

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