Lost Odyssey: One more video

Gamersyde reports: I am now at the beginning of the fourth DVD of Lost Odyssey, after a nothing less than excellent third disc.i definitely don't want to show anything of the story, so here is a quick fight from a special mode of the game. Beware though, one of the characters shown there has not really been revealed yet so if you want to keep the experience totally fresh, do not watch this video. Still, this shows the fight menu in english, some more advanced spells and skills than before, and the ring system. More info inside.

This video is from the Backyard mode of the game. It's a not so secret location in one of the cities, where you can fight increasingly difficult battles/challenges to earn some very good prizes. This video shows the first fight, so it's pretty easy even though if the Kelolon had managed to strike Tolten he would have taken something like 2000 damages.

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