SEGA pulling a fast one on 3DS owners, releasing Rhythm Thief on iOS for free

Despite Rhythm Thief costing $30 at retail on 3DS, SEGA will be releasing the game free of charge on iOS only months after the handheld console release.

There will be some paid DLC but it isn't likely to get anywhere near the $30 3DS game price.

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Venox20082085d ago

stop using XTC Sega, I'm angry for decisions like this,when people are paying full price for game and after short time others can get (little bit almost) same game for FREE?!?!?

Axonometri2085d ago

Not that it makes it right... but these Dev's and Publishers have been putting games on mobile for free or much lower cost since before the 3DS came out. Pay attention. Buy wisely.

Technical World2085d ago

Agreed, while it's certainly NOT right developers have done this for awhile now, your just catching on? What about the Sonic 4 games? You could pay over ten dollars on systems or pay what was it two? (correct me if I'm wrong) for the iOS version. The same with the Assassin's Creed games for DS that were ported to iOS for like five bucks compared to thirty five (once again correct me if I'm wrong).

Axonometri2084d ago

I say it's not right.. My second thought on that is this, Every port or re-release onto mobile or iOS is dumbed down. What your getting on a touch only control device is not what your getting on the 3DS etc.

ThePsychoGamer2085d ago

Was planing on getting this for my 3DS, but now I'm glad I waited.