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Submitted by tachy0n 1252d ago | interview

A conversation with the first PlayStation Vita hacker.

Cnet: In an exclusive talk with Crave, a person associated with the first group to hack the Sony PlayStation Vita tells us how and why it happened, and what to expect as they develop the exploit. (Industry, PS Vita, Sony, Tech)

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tachy0n  +   1252d ago
"Before you get all excited about the idea of illegally downloading full PS Vita games, you should know that this purported hack can't grant such abilities."

^ thats for all the sheeps that say this will lead to piracy.

homebrew does not mean piracy.
NYC_Gamer  +   1252d ago
Homebrew should be allowed on all platforms
blitz0623  +   1252d ago
"you should know that this purported hack can't grant such abilities."

You clearly know nothing about the piracy of video games. Do you think the PSP was hacked to immediately play pirated games? It started with a hack like this. Once you break something, then spread it in cyberspace, it opens the door to other hackers out there.
Autodidactdystopia  +   1252d ago
whats with all the babies on these forums,

is like you're chomping at the bit to suck the dEEK of anyone not against vita progress.

If you think that this whole exploit hacking thing isnt going to lead to whole games eventually pirateable and playable, then you are in denial and are likely a sony fanboy whom are completely incapable of having any form of conversation where they dont put someone else down.

Another thing is that you all seem to want to limit the system. You are free to do as you wish with anything you buy. that includes run games not allowed or directly sponsored for the machine.

that is the whole issue with you piracy hounds spouting archaic psudo truisms about how you think it affects the gaming industry.

Piracy is inevitable, and is a direct result of monopolistic practices by all involved parties.

There is not gonna be a change at the counter when you go buy your "legal" copy of MGSKZ3UC5 vita edition. they are still gonna charge you up the ass and your still gonna pay and get your game.

Piracy is an option not a disease it drives hardware sales for the poor and stimulates micro economies that would otherwise not have been able to legally purchase any particular arrangement of 1's and 0's.

you may not agree with it but your idolistic treatment of the grain and all things that go with it is sickening.

you want to live inside the box, go ahead but just dont think it makes you smarter... or even a better person.

were all alike and you just spent 250 bucks on a vita and you have to spend 60 more to get a game to play on it. The hacker just spent 250 bucks on a vita and now he can make his investment go farther for free using only his intelligence.

something most of you lack given that you take it up the ass constantly from anyone willing to sell you an "experience" you cant conjure up yourselves.

who's the smart one? the guy who occasionally gets more for his money or the guy who feels good about himself because he gave away more of his when there is a perfectly viable alternative which contrary to popular belief will not affect the market either way; as individuals who buy are indifferent to those who dont. immiscible markets for immiscible mindsets. Not likely to forage into one-anothers territory to begin with.
Autodidactdystopia  +   1252d ago
oh yeah :)


If you disagree with either this comment or the comment above you openly and legally acknowledge that you are a sony fanboy.
you also acknowledge that you agree with both this comment and the above comment as stated.
hencefourth you acknowledge that you lied to yourself and others around you about the validity of the aforementioned comments.

Acknowledges that individual has problems with:
1 Denial
2 Fanboyism
3 Stupidity
4 Extreme Stupidity
5 Jealousy
6 Compensation
7 Understanding
8 Lying to self and Others
9 Manlyhood

END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR THIS COMMENT AND THE ABOVE COMMENT IMPORTANT PLEASE READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS LICENSE AGREEMENT CAREFULLY BEFORE CONTINUING WITH THIS BLATANT ANONYMOUS COWARDLY ARGUMENT End-User License Agreement ("EULA") is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or a single entity) and AUTODIDACTDYSTOPIA. for the AUTODIDACTDYSTOPIA comment product(s) identified above which may include associated software components, media, printed materials, and "online" or electronic documentation ("COMMENT PRODUCT"). By Disagreeing, copying, or otherwise using the Comment box to disagree, you agree to be bound by the terms of this EULA. This license agreement represents the entire agreement concerning the hostility between you and AUTODIDACTDYSTOPIA(referred to as "MASTER"), and it supersedes any prior proposal, representation, or understanding between the parties. If you do not agree to the terms of this EULA, do not DISAGREE or use the Comment Box.
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Menchi  +   1252d ago

Some of us don't like being thieves and stealing what should rightfully be paid for. I love how you choose to justify it by saying it is an act of intelligence though.

Theft plain and simple, and by most moral compasses that is wrong. Of course, if you have no reason to care that you're a theif that by all means carry on...
Autodidactdystopia  +   1252d ago
walls o text aside I am not a theif.

I play devils advocate alot, and love people's sense of security they derive from going with the grain.

so long as people are comfortable with doing what they're meant to do then carry on. unfortunately for everyone I did bring up some valid points.

If you can explain to me what people are stealing when they copy arbitrary 1s and 0s

and no i do not mean philosophically or metaphorically.

what material are they stealing.

the creator of the content still has acess to his or her creation and or the right to sell it.

nothing has been stolen. only something gained.
Strakken  +   1252d ago
Then just don't pirate and leave everyone else alone
ConstipatedGorilla  +   1252d ago

You've done a good job justifying piracy to yourself. It's stealing, it negatively affects the production of future projects, and you know it or you wouldn't have had to produce a thesis on why it's okay for you to pirate.

Get a job, buy your games, dry your tears. Money makes the world go round, baby boy.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1252d ago

So your telling me that I see a tv in a display in an electronics shop that costs $1500, and I don't have the money... if I throw a brick against the glass... IM A F**KING GENIUS! I dont have to pay for the TV at all

You're justification for piracy is bullsh*t. I mean

"the creator of the content still has acess to his or her creation and or the right to sell it"?



Your not screwing sony over.. you are screwing the publishers. If their games don't make money, they have to let people go.This is not going to be the project lead, but those new guys who are actually working for a living. Pirates become a competitor in which no business can compete with

It might drive sales of hardware... but not software

Lets put it in a way everyone can understand... because you've fooled yourself into thinking your not stealing

Lets say you run a fruit stand, and the guy next to you has a copier, that copys your fruits, and just gives them away. Slowly, people will realize that the guy next to you's fruits are just as good as yours, but he's just giving them away. Nobody will want to buy your fruits.. because no one would spend money when some one is giving the same product away, at an infinite supply.. FOR FREE

He stole your business.. your not going to make money... which doesn't effect him.. it effects you

You getting the picture, or are you still convinced your not stealing?

People worked hard to make that software, and someone copies that work, and gives it away for free... how can they make money

I laugh when people say they are not stealing when they pirate.. because they have their heads up their a**es

In the end, pirates are greedy, and don't care for who they effect, only that they saved money... why do you think your called pirates?

You want something? Stop being lazy, and get a f**king job.
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Autodidactdystopia  +   1252d ago
You guys are right. I dont have a job and I pirate everything. LOL

Im just stating fact.

dont hate the player hate the game.

you dont like piracy then destroy it. oh yeah thats right survival of the fittest. evolution at its best. you and your petty ideals and political correctness are no match for the ugly fist of humanity you live in a dream world where everything is fair and people have morals.

Lets say you run a fruit stand, and the guy next to you has a copier, that copys your fruits, and just gives them away. Slowly, people will realize that the guy next to you's fruits are just as good as yours, but he's just giving them away. Nobody will want to buy your fruits.. because no one would spend money when some one is giving the same product away, at an infinite supply.. FOR FREE

so in theory all of the people who wont buy the honest fruit are the ones to blame. P
hkgamer  +   1252d ago
piracy is bad and can't be justified, most of the time.

i know its stupid for sony, nintendo and microsoft for releasing such high spec consoles for such a cheap price. they want people to buy their consoles so that they can hopefully make money off game sales. not sure if vita is profiting at all from every sale (if you include r&d).
but people have respect for such company and do not try to rip them off.

it would be ideal if this was a perfect world where no illegal acts are made, but people are selfish, greedy and tempted to do illegal things if they are not caughtor given a chance.

think about pc gaming and how piracy pretty much changed the industry, most games have now got stupid drm or cloud driven like mmo's.

actually, gametrailer's annoyedgamer made a few good/obvious points about game piracy and pretty much all that needs to be discussed is there.

now to move more on topic.
homebrew is good, but outdated. before where itcost alot of money torelease something on a console made homebrewers want to create things like iphone apps. but now with psmobile, it doesn't cost a fortune and you could make money for yourself.
although homebrew has no limits to licensing issues, at the end of the day it is bad. think about emulators. homebrew is mainly for emulators and it enables me to play any game i wanted from the past. but roms are technically illegal so are emulators opening a market to piracy?

i could go on forever about good and bad points, but lets just keep it simple and say homebrew leads to piracy, piracy affects publishers revenue. blah blah blah...
Kurt Russell  +   1252d ago
Piracy is maybe not so good... homebrew is awesome.

Playing around with a bit of Unity and having to a system to easily upload your efforts to is great. It pushes creativity within the industry and plenty of gems are created in this way.

Don't be naive and think they're the same thing...

Anyway, piracy won't kill a good console. The DS had the R4 early on, and that didn't stop people making an arse load of money from it, producing a huge library of games.

... Don't know why I am bothering to comment here though, got to get passed some pretty thick skulls to make a point on this site.
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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1251d ago

The pro sony nazi's disagree!

You bought it so it's yours not sony's property!
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Dee_91  +   1251d ago
so when I was stealing candy and gaming magazines from the store I wasnt a thief.I was clearly a genius... despite me being banned from that store for 10 years lmao.Maybe I wouldnt have been banned if I said Hey officer,stealing is inevitable,I go against the grain,Im just an outside the box type of guy,Those idots spend 50cent on that snicker and i got it for free,those dumb idiots spent $5 on that magazine I got it for free,see officer I know how to get the most for my dollar for I am genius.

Auto your not a fanboy your just a idiot lol
That was a good read tho gave me a good laugh at how people here tends to twist evil into good.Then call you a fanboy if you disagree lool too funny
ZeroChaos  +   1252d ago
A chip in a wall. Let hope someone doesn't continue to go at that chip, causing a crack to appear...

Its not sheep saying this, its common sense.
Strakken  +   1252d ago
No, it is sheep, sheep who don't bother to think past, PIRACY OMG EVIL STEALING HERP DERP
Mythicninja  +   1252d ago
Shimber me timbers! Let the butthurt flow from fanboys! YARRRRRRRRRR
DragonKnight  +   1252d ago
@tachy0n: "Before you get all excited about the idea of illegally downloading full PS Vita games, you should know that this purported hack can't grant such abilities yet."

Fixed to show reality and remove naivety.
ziggurcat  +   1252d ago
"homebrew does not mean piracy."

for all the idiots who says this: homebrew invariably leads to piracy, and hackers that claim that what they do isn't meant for it are just fooling themselves into thinking that someone won't modify what they've done to allow for piracy to happen.
edgeofsins  +   1252d ago
Any kind of hacking leads to piracy. It makes the system easier to manipulate.
TheGamingArt  +   1252d ago
How can anyone argue this. You'd have to be an ignorant idiot to think that people who attempt to hack a console won't reverse engineer any successful attempts for their bidding. Simply put, use the f'ing Playstation Mobile if you want to develop for the Vita. It's available, legal and provides you with the ability of making HOMEBREW. If you go any further than using a provided dev kit, you're not doing it for Homebrew.
Strakken  +   1252d ago
Any kind of creation of devices leads to hacking, so we should stop making things
hkgamer  +   1252d ago
the hackers reasoning behind this apart from pride and to get famous for hacking first is that homebrew has no limitations to the full use of vita, emulators can be made and no need for sony to allow the game or app to be available on market.

valid points but still not justifiable.
nintendo, microsoft and sony have tried hard this generation to bring back old retro games via dlc. not every game is available and some will never be released due to licensing issue but that is good enough.
if people did really want to play these games then play it on pc. if not then use psmobile app to remote desktop your pc and play those games online.

not sure how much vita sdk costs but psmobile sdk is cheap, like $99 a year i think.its limited, but its apparently easy to use and you could make money from it.
homebrew was also used for video players that support all codecs, but sony and microsoft have been trying to support alot more video files. not 100% sure but i guess an app can be released to psmobile that plays all video formats.
why don't legitimate hackers who want homebrew just wait until psmobile is released so they can see if there is any need to hack the machine.

one final point, hacker also mentioned that homebrewers can bring linux to consoles. sony understood that and put linux on ps3. hackers just ended up abusing that.
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tachy0n   1252d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
Abriael  +   1252d ago
Homebrew opens the doors to piracy. It's that simple. I'm appalled that some sites continue to give visibility to this kind of lowlifes.
darkpower  +   1251d ago
Care to explain how Homebrew leads to piracy? I heard the arguments of how jailbreaking leads to piracy, but this is the first time I've heard of the Homebrew = piracy thing.

Again, care to explain how Homebrew leads to piracy?
TheGamingArt  +   1252d ago
You'd have to be an ignorant idiot to think that people who attempt to hack a console won't reverse engineer any successful attempts for their bidding. Simply put, use the f'ing Playstation Mobile if you want to develop for the Vita. It's available, legal and provides you with the ability of making HOMEBREW. If you go any further than using a provided dev kit, you're not doing it for Homebrew.
ShadowKingx  +   1252d ago
“Homebrew does not mean piracy”. Thats a bunch of pure BS, theres only one reason hackers hack systems and one of them is always piracy. Plain and simple. Otherwise why the hell do it. So you can get a Gmail App on the vita.
Kamikaze135  +   1252d ago
Sure and Einstein didn't invent the atom bomb, but opened the door wide open for it.
subtenko  +   1252d ago
There is homebrew for Iphone and other mobile smartphones. We all know what else goes on in the underground community's there...

i.e. iphone jailbreak grants you customization which is perfectly fine..but with the jailbreak you can also do unethical things as well.
andibandit  +   1252d ago
This would be a huge deal if the Vita had any games worth pirating. And before you say x game says hi, i dont care i already played it on my ps3
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SPAM-FRITTER-123  +   1252d ago
might actually buy one now.
MEsoJD  +   1251d ago
It would be great if you could play birth by sleep.
Carl_Shocker  +   1252d ago
<Never it in the wrong way>
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LOGICWINS  +   1252d ago Whats wrong with a homebrew?
Haha123  +   1252d ago
Expect same suituation with the PSP, insane number of sales due to exploitation of the hack, and poor game sales

less then 2 million copied of Peace Walker sold... tut tut
Qrphe  +   1252d ago
What is PlayStation Mobile?

Regardless, I'd be completely happy with PSM if it allowed tapping a bit more into the Vita's power.
SweetIvy  +   1252d ago
"Before you get all excited about the idea of illegally downloading full PS Vita games..." who is this guy addressing?

Definitely not dedicated gamers that realize that producing games COSTS money and that is not just fair but respectful as human beings to pay for the work of other people.

All those that pirate games just 'cause "you're silly not to get freebies when you can" (disrespectful, coward attitude), I'd really love to see them work for a month and then have their boss forfeit their income (yep, working for free, not so nice, uh?).
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takohma  +   1252d ago
Nice way to put it. I literally pictured my boss not giving me my check because my work got pirated lmao. Its funny but scary at the same time. I dont know why anyone would disagree with your post.
SweetIvy  +   1252d ago
I guess anyone that could share the view of some very "intelligent" comments made above could disagree with mine.

It's funny how people see digital stuff as not being "real", they wouldn't steal in a shop but they steal online.
It's the same.

Do this people realize that whether something is "real" or digital they are produced in the same way? There are workspace expenses (rents, furniture, cleaning services, bills) and workforce expenses for both, it's not just 0s and 1s!
It's equipment and the work of people.
Never heard of a Studio closing down? Too many times in fact...

The point is some people probably need to feel "smart".
Sure we live in the real world, all of us buying games, and perhaps most of us realize that less a**h**** and more respect wouldn't make for a dream world, but at least for a less crappy one.

And sure you can do whatever you want with a piece of equipment you bought, as long as it doesn't hurt others.
It's funny how these people scream at Sony for imposing upon them (didn't know you're forced to have a Sony console at home... go figure, how much I don't know the world) and don't realize the consequences of their hacking will hurt the companies that make games (sure Sony as well, but it certainly has its back covered more than smaller, independent developers).

Come on, it's like being mad at the power-that-be and then stealing at the local grocery store... who are you hurting?
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joeorc  +   1252d ago
you are spot on, and right on the money, Which i would like to add.

I call it How other's can destroy your business model, and how you change it!

There are ways to make home brew without destroying a companies business model!

but its pretty straight the Hacker's do not care for Sony's business model, so they do what they want anyway. So i would not be shocked at what Sony may do in the future in order to leverage their iP's where they can at least make some money for their publishing and 3rd party some money for their published works for developer's.


Eufloria dev: Vita an ideal home for mid-tier games

let that sink in real good to these Hacker's and the "Gamer's that support their actions" and when the time comes, Hay why are we not getting any AAA games?

well Its all Sony's fault, they don't advertise the PSVita enough, or The price needs to be dropped, then i will buy. So what Sony may do is let people buy the PSVita because people see the Hacker's are doing a Quote a great thing for the "consumer"

All the while Sony stop's making very many AAA games and lets the PSVita stay as just yet another Playstation Mobile certified device that is Fantastic for Mid Tier Games.

So if the content get's taken, well at least our investment into making the Game is not as much.

Besides the Consumer get's Home Brew RIGHT?

HomeBrew is better than AAA quality games, because no one want's to play a AAA quality game on a lil 5" screen right? because those Game's are better on a living room game console..right?

One of my fav. statements talked about on gamer forums!

Worded a few way's but here is the just of it:

"Sony did not learn anything from the PSP, they are making the same mistakes as they did last time."

OH' BUT THAT IS WHERE YOU ARE WRONG MY FRIEND,you see Sony not only learned from the past they expanded on it this time, to offset this , 1) lock the normal hacking methods no easy to get card reader, no easy battery hack , High price memory storage, no internal memory storage. etc 2) keep the system price as long as they can , as high as they can. 3) expand their Platform for software to other platforms to increase development for Mid Tier Games.4) get a licence fee for other devices to be certified so as to make sure a developer can get another income stream, but lower the cost in development, but retain more increase in ROI.

Thanks Hacker's lower AAA investment cost Games for the PSVita ,was a waste for 3rd party and Sony is taking you up on the offer. Less and Less AAA games and more Mid Tier quality games, because that's what a handheld need's, hey also as an added bonus, we still get to pay higher price for Mid Tier quality games.

yup Sony learned quite a bit from the Hacking scene last time. That's the great thing anyone can be a hacker, even people that work over @ Sony.

Wolf into sheep's den!
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Kran  +   1252d ago
Kinda shifty....

Makes me wonder why it took so long to hack the Vita. I aint saying the Vita is bad (I own one BTW) but a lot of things are hacked within a couple of months... this took half a year.

Which makes me think: is he the first?
enkeixpress  +   1252d ago
good or bad news for Sony.. what we have here is another "geohot", another kid with way too much time on his hands & who is dedicated to reverse engineering as a life hobby.

What'd be cool is if we could have homebrew on the Vita without any sign of piracy.. but I really can't see that happening. If there's homebrew, there's piracy.
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edgeofsins  +   1252d ago
Sony released programs that let you make apps and potentially games for the Vita. It's how people got PC remote play working on the Vita.

Homebrew is awesome stuff. But Sony allows that now. You don't need to hack it.

Programs are PlayStation Suite and PlayStation Mobile by the way. People hardly made any real "homebrew" games for PSP anyways. Yet there are hundreds of people trying to support it as if they have a few awesome homebrew games when they all are pretty much bad. I have already searched for homebrew games and downloaded a few. Found an interesting tech demo and some physics demos but as far as games go I had no luck of finding good ones.

If you pirate at least refrain from pirating a struggling systems games.
tachy0n  +   1252d ago
would you give the money for coders to get licenses in the PSM Developer program?

the PSM Dev program is in BETA now, after that, coders have to pay for the licenses.
joeorc  +   1252d ago
"would you give the money for coders to get licenses in the PSM Developer program?

the PSM Dev program is in BETA now, after that, coders have to pay for the licenses."

for a closed system, which the PSVita is, the Playstation Mobile plaform is a whopping, so fantastic, such a very large, gigantic :

$99.00 a year!

Q: #1 are you, serious about development on the platform and getting your Home Brew out there with production help from other indie developer's and Sony themselves? where your Indie Home Brew app gets promoted?

Q: #2 are you, just wanting to make your App your own way, distribute it your own way, and would not like to charge the consumer anything for your Home brew, and not be told which type of home Brew you are restricted too.

if you answer Q: # 1 with Yes, than that's one thing. but you also have to remember this is a closed platform, there is restrictions.

if you answer Q: # 2 with yes, Than your I would Say as a developer, you are best suited for an Open platform Like Android, its Fully Open, no authority telling you which apk's can be distributed, total freedom.

Making software for closed Platforms, is just that its closed, trying to make them open because you feel they should be open, is implying you do not respect someone's Software iP right's.

Richard Matthew Stallman could teach these hacker's and you a thing or two about Opensource and staying within boundaries.

He really does have conviction about Open Source,not a limp hand idea about Open source, if you really want to be a real opensource supporter, that's one thing, but saying and doing is two different thing's.


Ask the Questions to Hacker's and Gamer's the following:

"Stallman argues that software users should have the freedom to share with their neighbor and to be able to study and make changes to the software that they use."

do you agree with that statement?

"He maintains that attempts by proprietary software vendors to prohibit these acts are antisocial and unethical. He argues that freedom is vital for the sake of users and society as a moral value, and not merely for pragmatic reasons such as possibly developing technically superior software.-Richard"

do you agree with that statement?

if you said yes to both, the idea of the Game console market could not exist under that paradigm as it is designed now, in order for that to happen a) Many developer's , the sound, art, and coder's the tester's all would have to work longer, far cheaper or even free, and after they are done their with development of the iP, would have no choice but to give up any and all right's to their software, yes even copy rights to the art.

Q: do you see that as a reasonable request?

because that is exactly what the Hacker's would be enabling for a completely open platform.

if you support Opensource do not be luke warm about it, do not keep any and all software you make and copyright it.. make it truely open source, can you do that? or should i say would you do that?

I have a great idea, people who like to say im just copying a program i bought, i own it. So it would be ok for the dr. to clone your wife out of one of her stem cell's? without your Ok right? and do anything with your wife's clone they wanted to dowith the clone, right?

How about your mother or father or sister and they clone them, the orig's are still there right. but you payed the dr. for care with your blood sample's taken, they could just clone away right?

yea i would not think you would like that?
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jghvhv  +   1252d ago
Cnet were probably jizzing all over the place at the thought that Vita had been hacked.
ShadowKingx  +   1252d ago
Heres a question for the hacker. Why did you not keep your mouth shut, now your going to end up like geohotz you dumb idiot.

Hackers always trying to get fame but instead get jail time.
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Raider69  +   1252d ago
tech is always hackble!just need the right exploit!
#11 (Edited 1252d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
extermin8or  +   1252d ago
Hmm sony have got their arses covered to am extent; even if you could run pirated vita software through a hack you'd need software from somewhere to run; yet
bub16  +   1252d ago
misleading title, he hasnt actually hacked it yet! he has an idea but cant put it in to practice without help of others! he even says he keeps getting a 0x810000 error, if he cant clean the memory and get past this hes stuck!
miacosa  +   1252d ago
This is for inevitably piracy or a waste of time has Sony freely released the PSS Studio SDK. So if someone wanted to release a "Homebrew" App/Game they can through it.
r21  +   1252d ago
And then his 'tool' will be modified by other hackers and pirates to allow games to be DLed on to the vita. IMO this is bad. To the guy who made this hack, please dont release and just keep it to yourself and maybe Sony wont go all nuts and hunt you down. Hopefully they'll treat you better than Geohot.
Conzul  +   1252d ago


1) let us zoom the browser with the rear touchpad, not just scroll. Also zoom and swipe in the photo gallery with the rear pad.

2) allow a user to make a music playlist right on the Vita instead of having to port one (f*ckn stupid imo).

3) custom button icons

4) the ability to delete or hide the bloatware that we'll never use again (Welcome Park, Near, etc)

5) the ability to run a minimized skype window overlaying a game that's being played

6) the ability to skip to the next / previous song with L1(hold) and R1(hold) while the Vita's in powersave mode.

7) an alarm clock

8) functional, pervasive remote play, pl0x?
#16 (Edited 1252d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Conzul  +   1252d ago
9) Oh and let us mute that damn shutter sound effect when snapping photos and videos. Seriously, I've almost been caught so many times now.
jghvhv  +   1252d ago
Just pretend you're coughing so it will block out the shutter sound.Although a cough coming out of a bush will give away your position.My court case is next Monday.
Conzul  +   1252d ago

Just tell them you found it *in* the bushes. It's a Vita, so they'll believe you.
SAE  +   1252d ago
- use more then one account
- play ps1/ps2/psp games
- play all ps3 games in remote play
- use all programs at the same time without need to close any program
- put movies without changing them to mp4
synce  +   1252d ago
Geohot also said his tools won't be used for piracy, and he still got sued lol

This guy should know better. He's either trolling or isn't very bright. And don't get me wrong, I'm not buying a Vita until it's fully hacked, but if you're gonna do it do it quietly.
SAE  +   1252d ago
I agree , sometimes people don't have mercy even though what these people doing is only made for us , it's for our benefit and rights

it's not his fault if they pirate the games , it's sony fault for not giving us the freedom of our puchase stuff ...

people just defend sony with all it's false , i love sony for making these kind of devices and softwares , but they are not better then the other company's they are greedy and taking our rights from what we bought , i ain't stupid letting sony control what i buy , they put pass code /one account things to not let people sell the games , then what the hell am i going to do with the game if i completed it ! hiding game only makes us selfish , it will collect dust , the money will be wasted , no one will have fun playing them , in the end it will go to the garbage , all because sony want to sell more games

don't forget about the price of the games , don't tell me it worth that much because it will make you ignorant , these are only small things that proves that sony doing illegal stuff to our rights for purchasing a thing ...

that's why i don't trust them with vita , i would hack it in the first moment i able to

and yes , he must stop announcing who he is and release this ..
kidalot  +   1251d ago
Let's get one thing straight, this is the entertainment industry you don't have to buy any of these things. It's not the same as being over priced for fuel prices.

If you don't have the means to buy or you're against the pricing policy just don't bother, go away, you are NOT helping the gaming industry we just want you to go away and get another hobby.

Games are seen as luxury/entertainment you don't HAVE to have them.

If the PS Vita fails, let it fail because of Sony don't make piracy the cause for this.

Look at the PC market, it's because of piracy true gamers have to deal with DRM crap.

There are people in the industry who have lost their jobs in this difficult time, I'm not saying piracy is the cause for this but surely it doesn't help.
#17.1.1 (Edited 1251d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report
ALLWRONG  +   1252d ago
hacking was going to come at some point
TheDivine  +   1252d ago
I dont want to pirate games i just want to be able to run psp games that sony either wont let me play or wont get around to making work. I also want to run in MY ps2 titles. That is not piracy because i own said games. I had my psp hacked and mostly played psx eboots before sony got around to reselling our games to us. Im all for emulators and whatnot, bring it on!
SAE  +   1252d ago
I like this comment from a geohot video , it applied to the vita too ...

'' I understand why so many people are angry. Yes PSN has been down for a while, and yes I could see how people using hacks on online games could ruin your experience, but this kid is just allowing us to use a piece of equipment that we own how we want to use it. I do not think Sony has the right to tell us we cannot put our own programs on the PS3. Imagine that If you bought a computer from a certain company and it was pre-loaded with programs that were designed by that company, and installing new programs were not allowed. Now say that these pre-loaded programs were not as good as other programs available. Would that upset you? To know that there is a superior program out there, but you are not "allowed" to use it because the company that manufactured your PC says its not allowed. I for one think that is ridiculous. This is a blatant way of forcing you to use something that you very well may not want to use. Sony is shoving their product down your throat effectively, and I applaud Geohot and anyone else that is sticking it to these major corporations. If you think that PS3's software is perfect and it doesn't need to be changed then don't jailbreak it... But there are plenty of people who believe that they can get more value out of their systems by changing to custom firmware... who are you to say they shouldn't be allowed to do so? I support the freedom to do whatever you want with any kind of device you own, whether it is to leave it how it is or jail break it or set it on fire. Its yours... use it however the F you want. ''

it's my right to be able to jailbreak the ps vita because i bought it , im not doing something illegal so it's not my problem what sony think because they are the last one that should talk about this ..
glopez  +   1251d ago
I was about to post the same thing. Glad i didn't. I couldn't have said it better myself. If i buy it i can do whatever i want with what spend my hard earned money on. If i want to remove sonys os and add my own i can. That's what the EULA is for anyway, the software not the hardware. Get off your high horse little kids.

Been gaming since 88. I play PS and Nintendo games. Im not a hardcore or a casual gamer, I'm a REAL gamer.
Kennytaur  +   1252d ago
Do we really want the Vita to turn into another PSP? No, hackers can get the eff out.
JC_Denton  +   1252d ago
I don't really care that people pirate games n' stuff, but I just can't stand when these same people think that they have the right to bitch and moan about dlc prices, online passes, and the quality of games. Pirates like yourselves are the reason why video games are on a downward spiral while their prices are rising.

Also, don't try and justify pirating. I pirate all sorts of stuff(never video games), but never do I try and justify it. Trying to do that just makes you sound like an idiot.
Kte  +   1252d ago
This is awesome news! as a fellow developer using Sony's tools, I no longer have the means to keep trying to get a sony snes emulator working. For me this is not good cause of piracy so don't bash me lol all I am saying is that the Vita is a powerful device with a ton of specs to ACTUALLY handle big emulators like N64, Dreamcast, DS. Things that the PSP could not even try to handle xD no matter how much work was put into it. However what hackers failed to realize, is that pirating games for the vita is almost impossible lol all I can say is sony prepared this time and people don't even know it hahaha
#23 (Edited 1252d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
StayStatic  +   1252d ago
Cue self righteous ass hats
Krew_92  +   1251d ago
They're way ahead of you.
Jason143  +   1251d ago
regardless I wont be upgrading my firmware anytime soon. the scene will come up with amazing software that wont be put through sonys app based submission system
Kidmyst  +   1251d ago
I don't game on Onlive or any other cloud streaming services yet so beside consoles and PC's my cloud streaming gaming experince is low. But have these services been hacked or can they be? If all gaming goes to Cloud based gaming, what would the future of hacking be? If all new games developed only came via a cloud streaming, then everyone would have to pay right? Will hacking like the Vita and console hacking lead to cloud streaming faster? I love my consoles and PC and like the option to pay discounted prices for games I don't feel are worth 60 bucks. If pirating is like me downloading old NES and SNES games to replay on an emulator then I pirate. but I buy new games because I choose to support Devs I like and games I like.
Bladesfist  +   1251d ago
Why don't Sony just offer a develepor kit similar to XNA that allows people to make and test there own games without having to hack the system and open it up to piracy. Some people just want to create and learn. I would be much more interested in a vita if there was a development kit for it.
joeorc  +   1251d ago
"Why don't Sony just offer a develepor kit similar to XNA that allows people to make and test there own games without having to hack the system and open it up to piracy. Some people just want to create and learn. I would be much more interested in a vita if there was a development kit for it."

funny you say that because Sony does indeed have such a dev. kit for supported homebrew, as a matter of fact it's $99.00 a year, just like XNA, and even uses C# umm just like XNA, OH' just like XNA...yup just like XNA..Sony offering it to everyone large publisher's,small publisher's larger development studios and smaller one's, indie and Home brew developer's.The only limitations are set in my opinion are very reasonable request's, A) you are not going to be able to code close to metal, because that's for the Tool chains and APi's that have to be licence for development, which cost's are near $3000.00 and would Homebrew developer's really expect for that to happen on a Homebrew and indie developer environment budget dev. platform? B)Sony has to uphold iP right's, would you expect a software game publisher to allow even a competitors Software to run on their device if that meant allowing the iP rights of the competitors game software to be stepped on by their install base, and do nothing to protect that?

hey it may be alright for google, and Apple because they do not make the games, but for microsoft, Nintendo and Sony it would be very hypocritical of them do anything to try to stop piracy of their own software but not to even lift a finger. doing anything to help their fellow game developer's and publisher's from getting competitors game software pirated, they know that how this industry survives, and if all software was completely opensource there would be less and less money for development project's, because alot of that comes from venture capital firms. So as they want to make sure this market keeps the ability to make money, if everything went opensource by default less software would be made, not more because even programmer's have to make a living! asking them to invest heavy and at a basic core to work for free, is a pretty hard sell into to days market. Not to say many do this for just being a job, many are indeed gamer's themselves, but they at least want some money for their work.

And to top it off you can use just your PC to test the code for debugging, or Hell even use the over the counter PSVita to test your software on!
#27.1 (Edited 1251d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
1nsomniac  +   1251d ago
These stupid blinded preachers really irritate me!

How many professional gaming analysts have come out & openly admitted that this kind of stuff causes very minimal if any overall all financial loss in the long term.

Every company these days releases there monthly/annual profit figures publicly on the internet these days & you preachers are completely blinded to see there massive, almost financial banking sector profit figures that proves the bullshit these companies make up!
Zhipp  +   1251d ago
Truth be told, I never really buy anything unless it's been jailbroken, or has some other sort of Community support. The big companies, like Sony, Samsung, Nintendo, etc. just don't seem to know how to put the proper performance and features into their devices.
darkpower  +   1251d ago
People are forgetting one other issue about the Vita that this may affect.

Something along the lines of...say...AT&T (something many frowned upon).

What about people use this jailbreak to use another 4G provider for their internet access? Not sure if this would be at all possible with the Vita, but I would love to see if someone could attempt to get the Vita working with Verizon or Sprint or something else (like what the main reason why people jailbroke the iPhone for: because they thought AT&T sucked and they wanted to use Verizon instead).
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