NowGamer Preview- Tearaway, could it be the runaway PS Vita success Sony needs it to be?

NowGamer- It’s typically Media Molecule that you hear the genesis of Tearaway came about as a result of one developer wanting to be able to see their fingers ‘popping up’ through the screen of the PS Vita.

From that seed comes the studio’s first non-LittleBigPlanet game: a tale of a character named Iota, living in a world made of paper, on a mission to retrieve a message for you, the player. Twee just about begins to cover it.

But this is Media Molecule, a studio known for its unfettered approach to the creative urges, so Tearaway is very much a game in that vein. From the original thought of having your fingers ‘come through’ the screen, we now have in-game mechanics of a certain tactile nature not seen before on Vita.

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Hatsune-Miku2087d ago

They should have added in all unreleased ps vita games in this article asking they can be a runaway success and if they can save the vita. We all know those articles are coming so they could have saved people some time now

GribbleGrunger2087d ago

Every game for the next 5 years will be the game that could save the Vita. Can't wait

Freak of Nature2087d ago

When it comes to media molecule I have total faith...

The wait for there next IP beyond tearaway has me anxious, very excited to see what they have cooking...

Besides being real fun and original, I think tearaway will pave (show the light) the way for other studios to think outside of the box and bring new innovative "non-generic" titles to the Vita...

3-4-52087d ago

Is there like a non-save limit for the Vita..

How many million must it sell for it to not have to be saved anymore ?

Have any of these writers figured that out yet , or do they not think they far ahead ?