Computeractive Reviews Toshiba Sat Pro A200HD-1U4 Notebook

Computeractive writes:

"The Toshiba A200 notebook offers an impressive array of features, notably an HD DVD drive for watching high-definition (HD) movies. Despite the A200's average screen performance it's a decent all-rounder and is well suited to digital music and video fans."

Good points:

- Decent all-round specification
- Good connections and media support

Bad points:

- Screen performance and HD playback could be better
- Lack of customisable keys on keyboard

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Graphics by ATi3792d ago


Funny how Toshiba is trying to do the same Trojan-horse strategy of sticking an HD drive in their product like Sony did with blu-ray and the PS3.

Unfortunately, their laptop line doesn't sell like videogame consoles do.

cooke153792d ago

I have one, its a great laptop. The HD DVD feature is nice too considering it comes with the 5 free movies ;)