PAX 2012: God of War: Ascension Panel Highlights

Posted by Jeff Rubenstein // Sr. Social Media Manager -

This past weekend at PAX, I was fortunate enough to moderate a panel with some of the top minds working on God of War: Ascension. While getting inside the heads of the creators of Kratos’ next adventure was a treat, we did a lot more than just talk. The team brought early sketches of Kratos (dreadlocks!) and the first playable video of the original God of War, before the Blades of Chaos were irrevocably bound to his forearms. We also revealed Ascension’s big bads, the Furies, with a close look at Mageara, the “enforcer” of the mythical tio.

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Sabrina_Holmes1927d ago

I wish I could made this panel.

sandman2241927d ago

The best thing that happened to the gaming industry, is GOD OF WAR!