The Only Game That Can Dethrone Call of Duty

Call of Duty has been a super power in the gaming industry for many years. This game has broken a number of different records and has kept players interested for so many years. Players have been addicted to this game for its fast-paced multiplayer, exciting storyline, and addictive zombie/ spec ops modes. The month of November is now renowned for the reason of being the annual release of a game in the Call of Duty series. This game is one of the largest out there and although many games have tried to surpass its greatness, no other game has been able to take away its glory. As time progresses it has become clear that there is one game out there that has the potential to de-crown COD, rip it from its never ending glory and shrink that huge fan base.

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TheSuperior 2052d ago

Putting my hards on Battlefield 4... that is if military first person shooters are even remotly interesting by the time that released. Too many years of this overdone type of game. Players want somthing new :/

Outside_ofthe_Box2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

That's what people said about Battlefield 3 and look how that turned out...

Forget the dethroning CoD business because ain't gonna happen. Selling CoD numbers is not a realistic goal at all except for CoD itself as they have achieved those themselves.

Worrying about CoD is what hurt EA and DICE. They was talking a whole bunch of trash like "the competition is treading water" and "this game was built to take that game down."

Devs and Pubs need to stop worrying about what CoD is doing and focus on making a great game. Achieving CoD numbers is a fantasy that only CoD has achieved.

Thatguy-3102052d ago

Think the only game that can accomplish that feature is Respawns unannounced game. They basically were the ones that perfected the addictiveness gameplay in COD4 which till this day remains the best one.

DarkTower8052051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

@dcboy310, what happened with COD was a once in a lifetime phenomenon. I don't know if Respawn can recreate that. It also concerns me that they chose to go with EA. Exactly how much advertising dollars do you think EA will give them? I can't see EA giving more love to Respawn's title than Dice's games. That alone is going to hurt Respawn's games big time.

BX812051d ago

BF3 may not have out sold CoD, but it damn sure is a better game all around.

asmith23062051d ago

"That's what people said about Battlefield 3 and look how that turned out... " what is wrong with BF3 exactly? It's the best online FPS out there.

stevenhiggster2051d ago

The vast majority of COD's buyers are casual gamers, those people have no idea who Respawn are, and probably don't care.
It won't sell anything close to COD numbers.

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WeskerChildReborned2051d ago

Maybe, i don't think COD will last forever so i think they're trying to milk it as much as they can.

BertlSenix2051d ago

Only Angry Birds could outsell CoD

CoD Players don't care for quality.
Cause if they would Battlefield 3 would be Number 1
BF3 is the best FPS created in this Gen by miles...It is pure quality.DICE is amazing.

But CoD Players are 99% 5 year old casuals.
CoD is a game where you jump in and be Number 1 cause the unbalanced System let you achieve this.There is no skill level - There is only Casual Mode where everyone is one the same level.
BF3 and other games have a learning curve and that is what people don't want cause they know they suck and would get destroyed by people with "no life" aka SKILL.

Angry Birds would destroy CoD,especially if they would release it for 5-10$ on PS360+Steam cause its the only game that is even more casual than CoD.

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sandman2242052d ago

The only game that has a chance to dethrone cod is indeed battlefield series. Because it has to be a multi platform game to reach the sales. If it does happen it won't be until the new consoles come out that way battlefield should look the way it was meant to look. Also it may then run at 60 fps. If they can do that then call of duty may finally have some competition. Then again, who knows how call of duty will look like on next gen consoles. They might never loose there tittle belt.

BlmThug2052d ago

No if any game has a chance to dethrone CoD its Gta. Gta IV has sold well over 22.5 million units

Pixel_Enemy2052d ago

No if any game has a chance to dethrone CoD its McDonalds Big Mac. 550 million big macs are sold per year. Over 47 billion have been sold in total.

We are playing the sales game right?

GhettoBlasStarr2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

Shit, even if they release BF3 with all the map packs and run at 60+fps on the new consoles it could detrone COD. Hell alot of games that came out on this gen could be re-released on next gen if they improve on the fps and give it a little graphics make over. (Crysis 2/Brink/Homefront/MAG ect..) IMHO

an0nym0us2052d ago

You guys are stupid, or blind. Battlefield 4 isn't going to dethrone call of duty, something else is going to, but not battlefield. In its current state, battlefield is an alternate experience, not a replacement. It's almost like the killzone vs halo arguments, Both those games were completely different man.

What I'm saying is battlefield and call of duty, like Halo and Killzone can co-exist as long as they stay different, but there will be no dethroning going on.

ThatDamnGeordie2052d ago

i hate shit like this jesus, people will play games they like and wanna play more of, if you don't like said game then don't play it simple.

Why do fanboys have to be so childish these days.

NYC_Gamer2052d ago

Why does a game need to dethrone the other?just play what you like regardless of sales numbers.

Irishguy952052d ago

We will, we just want the one that deserves the sales to get them

Outside_ofthe_Box2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

Well that's life and worrying about it isn't going to change anything.

Are there games more deserving of CoD sale numbers? Sure. Does CoD deserve the sales it gets? In my opinion no, but what can we do? All we can do as individuals is buy what we like and not to buy what we dislike. We cannot do anymore than that. Sales should be the last thing on gamers minds.

Irishguy952052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

We aren't worrying about it, or trying to change it, we're just curious and hopeful, if NYC gamer's argument was actually correct, we would have no reason to care about sales. However, we should care about sales, sales sets the trend of the industry. Innovative developers don't get the money non innovative devs get. Again, not worrying or caring that much, i'd just prefer it one way for my own benefit.

BF3 came out with some decent competition to COD recently, COd is forcing itself to change by going to the future. I want that to happen on a larger scale, I want cod to actually get innovative. Would be better for everyone especially me. Imo.

Competition is key anyway, sales = competition. Sales force change.

But don't get me wrong, if you are fine with Cod not changing much or improving for 5 games then so be it. That is your opinion and I just disagree with it.

raWfodog2052d ago

I agree with you on that. If I only played games that got high sales numbers, I would have missed out on some gems, like Okami for example.

But I guess a lot of people want to see COD lose to Battlefield. Personally, I like COD better for the arcadey, run-and-gun fast gameplay. But that doesn't mean I think BF isn't good either, just not my cup 'o tea.

sandman2242052d ago

I'd like to see killzone 4 and halo 5 become bigger than call of duty. If the next gen consoles have a load of power I bet killzone and halo dominate call of duty

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