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Mobile Users Boast the Biggest Gaming Posse, NPD Group Says

Maximum PC writes: "Move over PC and console gamers, and make way for the mobile crowd. According to new data by NPD Group, mobile users are the new face of gaming and represent just one of two segments that saw growth in the games industry. The other, not surprisingly, is digital gaming. As a whole, the total number of gamers in the U.S. is down, declining 5 percent (since 2011) to 211.5 million people, NPD Group reports." (Mobile, Tag Invalid)

newsguy  +   994d ago
mobile gaming still sucks...
fanze100  +   994d ago
I don't agree. While hardcore gamers have every reason to feel that way, you shouldn't overlook the fact that mobile phones have taken gaming to hundreds of millions of people who just want some light fun.
Hicken  +   994d ago
But that's almost like comparing people who read the funny papers to folks who enjoy War and Peace: sure, there's gonna be overlap between the two, but your average comic strip reader just isn't interested enough in the written word to pick up a book with a thousand pages or more.

Okay, so there are more of them.

So what?

What are these people whose only interest in gaming can be defined with a single word- passing- doing to contribute anything but money to the industry? What demands are they making for advancements in graphics, gameplay, storytelling? What franchises do they support that push hardware and drive innovation?

While I don't think they should be ignored completely, I DO believe their level of influence should be proportional to their interest in gaming and the gaming industry. Unfortunately, it seems to be based more on the money that can be made off them, which is disproportionate to their dedication.
BrutallyBlunt  +   994d ago
Once again you are making generalizations. Not all mobile games are simple and not all console games take immense skill to play. Just because one device has a controller doesn't make all of those games just for hardcore gamers. The evolution of gaming is much broader today and isn't in simple terms as you would like.

Games are a form of entertainment, no matter how big or how small they are. By the way, many readers do actually enjoy the comic section as well as reading up on other things. So stop this nonsense of grouping everyone into your terms. Most of us are not one-dimensional like you.

"While I don't think they should be ignored completely, I DO believe their level of influence should be proportional to their interest in gaming and the gaming industry. Unfortunately, it seems to be based more on the money that can be made off them, which is disproportionate to their dedication."

Utter nonsense. The God of War franchise is still going based on one goal, to make money. Just like the upcoming sequel to Plants Vs. Zombies. Many developers who once made console games are now taking a crack at the smartphone and tablet market. Why? Well because they see a greater opportunity there. These are the same people who continue to share one common theme, to create the games they want because that's what they love to do and for people to enjoy them.
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andresegers  +   994d ago
givemeshelter  +   994d ago
This number will increase. Tablet and Smart Phone gaming will continue to rise. More and more developers will continue to migrate to those platforms as the costs to develop games are cheaper and the profit margins are potentially far greater.

In all honesty, we all saw this coming. Some just did not want to admit it...
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givemeshelter  +   994d ago

You will begin to see more and more of these hybrid Tablets and gaming phones coming out.

Mobile gaming is on the rise
taquito  +   994d ago
i play TONS of games on my iphone, some of them actually look better than 90% of ps3/360 games

i also play demons souls (ps3 obviously)/dark souls on pc (best version BYFAR) -Hardcore games by console standards

and crazy hardcore pc strat games like Crusaders 2, gal civ 2, sins of a solar empire (thats actually a pretty noob game) that would make "hardcore" console only gamers CRAP their pants.

games like shogun 2 total war make a game like mass effect 3 or uncharted 3 play like a game for retarded monkeys

starcraft 2 is infinately more complex than any game on console or mobile, but it takes a certain type of person to enjoy the grueling pace of the multiplayer in that game, you could teach an ape to play call of duty or halo or killzone 2, but starcraft 2, nada!

but a round of temple run while taking a deuce, nothing wrong with that, games like zenonia are great, i put 30 hours in the first one, it is literally better than 60% of the ps3/360/pc/vita/psp library, sure, theres a ton of turds on the app store too, a ton, but like 50 new games come out every week, half of them are free, its great fun.

games are games

some are easy, mindless fun, some require spreadsheets and hours of research, and then there is everything in between

mobile gaming is HUGE, and it aint going anywhere
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