WorthPlaying Reviews Turok

WorthPlaying writes:

Turok is sort of a Second Coming for the Turok franchise. It's also been described as a loose, current-generation adaptation of the plot behind the original, popular and highly rated Turok for Nintendo 64. The first N64 title was for mostly plot-free, but it still did quite well on a console that never quite found its ground. A sequel, spin-off, and at least one version of these titles adapted to Game Boy Color, were well received both in the press and by console gamers, though the third N64 installment slipped but didn't quite fall flat. Turok: Evolution for the PS2/Xbox generation of consoles received an amazing array of review scores, from a perfect 100 to the mid-teens. In all honesty, Evolution was a bad game and may have delivered the corporate version of a deathblow to Acclaim, its already troubled publisher.

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