Is Mario fatigue setting in? AKA How Mario lost his smile

GameZone's David Sanchez writes: "Nintendo has done great things with the Mario franchise, but as of late, it seems to be losing its luster. That magic that first propelled the iconic platforming series is now but a faint light bulb, barely surviving on the success that every cash-in so unremorsefully chugs along by. There's nothing novel about Mario anymore, and it's a shame."

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NYC_Gamer2210d ago

Nintendo needs to add some new flavor to that old fashioned gameplay of the plumber

Kalowest2210d ago (Edited 2210d ago )

"add some new flavor to that old fashioned gameplay"
They did with Super Mario 3D Land; that game is awesome
(That's coming from a 21yr old).

klecser2210d ago

Numbers say otherwise. He's still popular. But, the premise of the article is absolutely true for hardcore gamers.

So, the real question is: Does Mario even NEED the hardcore crowd to make Nintendo money? It can't hurt.

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Baka-akaB2210d ago

It's more about people pretending the whole 28-30 years (not sure) of Mario is about them and made to cater to them .

It's not , of course every once in a while there will be rehashes to introduce it to a new generation of gamer . Doesnt mean that you have to buy and enjoy all of them .

klecser2210d ago

I'm a Nintendo gamer. But I hate Mario games. If you like them, and your friends like them, great. But you represent one part of the hardcore gamer "population". My point is that for some of us who are both hardcore gamers and Nintendo fans, Mario jumping around is a little tired for us.

Ultimately sales are all that matter. So, if Nintendo can still sell it, it doesn't matter what everybody's preferences are.

CalvinKlein2210d ago

yes hardcore only like cover shooter 3 and FPS multiplayer 7.

I would buy a Nintendo system again if they just made mario 64-2 for the wii U. I loved mario 64 it is amazing. Also make a cool looking 2d mario game that doesnt look cheap and made to play in flash player. more like mario world or yoshi island.

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LOL_WUT2210d ago

Either add something more appealing or let the plumber rest for a while. This goes for those New Super Mario Bros. games and was not intended towards the 3D games.

SnakeCQC2210d ago

i guess that mario finally worked out that the princess was doing bowser

Lucretia2210d ago

Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee en lost his awesomeness. Snes was the last time i liked mario.

although New super mario bros was pretty good

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The story is too old to be commented.