Multiplayer, graphics and more details revealed for Killzone HD

Guerilla Games’ Michiel van der Leeuw has revealed a few more additional details, such as the controls, multiplayer and graphics aspects, in regards to Killzone HD.

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ritsuka6661994d ago

-Can be bought from PS Store separately
- 720p @ 30fps no Famerate drops
- Updated controls
-Improved audio
- Trophies
- No remote play
- Split screen multiplayer remains
- No 3D
-No Move support
-No online multiplayer

OMFGGGG, day 1 for glory of Helghan!

LOL_WUT1994d ago

Can't wait to play this in split screen and in HD!

Hatsune-Miku1994d ago

I'm buying this game the first 10 seconds its available and would only fail if a lot of people lag up the psn store. I'm so excited about this that I want to do a cartwheels like kai.

:puts hands in the air: thank you Sony

miyamoto1994d ago

and Sony will just let this awesome trilogy slip to the market just like it did not exist... nice marketing and sales move Sony

darthv721993d ago

I have tried many times to play the original after having played KZ2 and I just couldnt take the way it looked/played.

Nice they will give it the spit and polish it deserves like other PS2 classics.

-Mika-1994d ago

30 fps... Come on. This seems like a rush job now...

yami9301994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Well with PS2 they pushed for solid 30fps but they sort of failed and were plaqued by reoccuring frame rate drops, but this time around, it seems they want to just do it justice with the HD version with uncompressing what was a very pretty game ahead of its time, a soild smooth 30 fps is fine by me, its an improvement nevertheless over the original game which could not maintain its 30, even though a 60fps would have been more satisfiying.

Baka-akaB1994d ago

i dont even get wtf you want with a remaster . There no such a thing yet as a 60 fps killzone to begin with

Yodagamer1994d ago

by the sound of the article it sounds like they wanted it to be in line with 2 & 3, i guess to keep people from getting used to a 60 fps experience from the series.

ABizzel11994d ago


Most HD remaster' usually keep their original fps. I think god of war is the only one to have changed.

FinaLXiii1993d ago

60fps would make KZ2 and KZ3 look bad.

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SAE1994d ago

let's hope it's a port for vita then ^^

Acquiesc31994d ago

Cool, about what I expected. And thanks. Nice to see all the gist of it without having to go the site.

Outside_ofthe_Box1994d ago

Thank God it can be bought separately.

Now I can play KZ1 without having to give my money towards the worst Killzone game in the franchise, KZ3.

stevenhiggster1993d ago

I agree that KZ3 is the worst of the series, but thats a bit like saying Penny's (from Big Bang Theory) left boob is the worst of the two.
They're still both awesome!

Wh15ky1993d ago

KZ3 is the worst of the series, due to the poor campaign and the multiplayer map designs, yet because of it's fantastic move implementation and 3D support it is also my most played game of the series.

Outside_ofthe_Box1993d ago

Well, honestly I don't want to show or provide any support toward KZ3. I'm almost literally praying everyday that KZ4 is nothing like KZ3. I don't want to give Guerrilla Games ANY indication that KZ3 is what a KILLZONE game should be.

badz1491993d ago

KZ HD is all I wanted! not really willing to let go of my copies of KZ2 and KZ3!

Knushwood Butt1993d ago

Pity it won't support Move.

Wh15ky1993d ago

@ axelstone

As long as you know about it why do you care whether everybody else does or not?

ChrisW1993d ago

Hmmm... Didn't Halo already do this?

GTRrocker6661993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Yeah right after god of war did and MS said they werent. Then saw how much bank sony made doing it.

GTRrocker6661993d ago

I loved the first killzone. I like the helghast character you played as and the tension with rico. The characters were great. Each one had different strengths and weaknesses. I liked them more than the ones in 2 or 3. Plus rico should not be a main character like he was in 2 or 3. I might pick this up to play while i wait for hitman, dead space 3, and the new god of war. I had so much fun killing bots in the multiplayer too. Best bots ever in the killzone series.

Tikicobra1993d ago

Really? No online multiplayer? That's a huge bummer. I'll probably pass.

QUNE1993d ago

I can't believe they are doing this and not a SOCOM HD. What a joke.

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iamnsuperman1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Thank you for letting me buy this individually from the other two. I have Killzone 2 and 3 and I wanted Killzone HD (ahh memories). I am a little disappointed (if what ritsuka666 is true because I couldn't see it) at the no move controls because I liked Killzone 3's controls and I found I preferred the move controls but still very happy to see Killzone HD ( I do hope it isn't a rushed job and doesn't turn out the same as what happened to Medal of Honour: Frontline)

bubblebeam1993d ago

It will be great. At first they were going to just sell it as is, without HD and updates. I was bitterly dissapointed.

BUT, yet again Sony didn't disappoint . Day 1 buy for me. Underrated game, such a gorgeous game from the ps2.

2pacalypsenow1994d ago

why are people complaining about 30fps ? they have been playing too much COD . 30fps is just fine

GammaSix1994d ago

im wondering if theyre gonna fix the graphics issues

PersonaCat1994d ago

Damn, no online multiplayer :( THAT would have been amazing.

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