Top 5 Best Puzzle Games

MSNBC writes:

"Oh the hours we've spent playing puzzle games, captivated by their falling blocks, mesmerized by their tidy rows of colored baubles, fascinated by the way these deceptively simple games test our pattern recognition skills and problem solving abilities, push our logical minds into overdrive and sweep us into deep states of concentration.

On the surface, a good puzzle video game may appear to be nothing more than an addictive little treat, but at its core lies the kind of substantive stuff that has challenged and enthralled humans throughout the ages."

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RecSpec3820d ago

Damn, I'm a huge puzzle game fan and have never thought of playing Picross, is it that good? Then again, I hate sudoku.

thisguywithhair3820d ago

I have never played picross itself, but i have played similar games. It is a very fun and challenging concept. It is a very good game that is very good at killing time.

thisguywithhair3820d ago

Peggle? Never heard of it. Where can I get it?