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-Mika-1906d ago

Omg yes. An HD remake of the original Killzone! Please release It on the PSN store for $15 and I would buy it in an heartbeat.

Emilio_Estevez1906d ago

"720p HD makeover, along with full Trophy support." - Might have to grab this

typikal821905d ago

I just finished KZ1 less than a month ago, damn

doogiebear1905d ago

Hope they boost frame rate up to 60 fps too (at least for KZ 1)

badz1491905d ago

still holding on to my KZ2 and KZ3 copies, so hopefully KZ HD will be available for download! can't wait!

Ultr1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

I hope the controls are as great as K2 and K3!
I only played K1 2 years ago for the first time and I could not really play it..

typikal821905d ago

The buttons were fully customizable, it also supported 16:9 and the online community was still active when I played it.

Soldierone1906d ago

Why do they release them at 15? It makes no sense to me. Put all 3 together at 15 and you get 45 dollars.....more than buying the whole pack.

Oh well, looks like I'll be paying since I loved the original and already own the other two.

doogiebear1906d ago

U just answered your own giving a discount to those who buy the full bundle, it gives folks an incentive to buy the whole collection and get the whole story as one. The game being $15 a piece doesnt mean their over-charging, it just means you dont get the discount that those who got all 3 games are getting. It's a good marketting tool to sell all 3 games. MGS HD Collection did the same thing when it came to PSN.

himdeel1906d ago

I want Killzone on the Vita!

raWfodog1906d ago

I have not played any Killzone ever so this sounds like real good deal to me. I've always been interested in trying it out but I just never had the time and always had too many other games. Of course I'll probably just be playing the campaign mode...

avengers19781905d ago

list of games to buy just keeps growing... YES, can't wait to replay KZ 1,still playing KZ 2 online, and I really hope that there is KillZone on PS4 in fact a bundle with the PS4 and new KillZone would be amazing

dcortz20271905d ago

Killzone in HD is worth the $40 alone, well.. at least for me it is! Day numero UNO!

showtimefolks1905d ago

i hope all 3 games are on disk and no digital download crap. That's what i love about infamous collection both games on 2 separate disks.

i guess sony wasn't lying when they said more HD will be coming later in 2012 now only if we get GTA hd collection that would be sweat

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-Alpha1906d ago

Pretty interested to try K1, hope it has Multiplayer, was always curious about it

majiebeast1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

Played all 3 of the Killzone games and imo killzone 1 had the best single player of the 3, the game's multiplayer was just icing on the cake. Time to get my Hakha and Rico on this fall.

Killzone was underrated and slammed for not being the so called halo killer it was a great game.

-Alpha1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

Pretty sure it was slammed for technical issues mostly, but the PS3 should do what the PS2 couldn't.

Hellsvacancy1906d ago

I agree with you, i preferred the original game, the levels where far better, snow, jungle etc

I shall buy it for sure

DoomeDx1906d ago

Why is -Alpha getting disagrees? =/

Admit it, Killzone 1 was full of technical problems. I liked the game, but the problems ruined it.

Cant wait for the collection! 30+ hours of gameplay + all DLC's in a single package for only $40

GribbleGrunger1905d ago

Yes, I remember that. The media gave it the title 'Halo Killer' and then when it wasn't, changed the heading to 'It's not the Halo Killer Sony said it would be'.

Bathyj1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

I dont remember any technical issues harming my enjoyment of this game.

I do remember a lot of people grumbling about it though.

majiebeast and GribbleGrungers are right, the media turned hard when it wasnt the Halokiller that they themselves touted it to be.

KZ1, Best weapons in the series.

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r211906d ago

Excitement for KZ 2 and 3-40%
Excitement for KZ1 HD-100%
Cant wait to play with good old health packs, secondary fire, Janner, Hakha, Luger and Rico >:D

Heavenly King1905d ago

Rico was badass back then! In KZ2 is such an a$shole, and in KZ3 is just ok. I wonder why after KZ1 he got fat? ¬_¬

r211905d ago

Its probably thanks to the pressure of the helghasts or the power of ps3 XD

Nikhil1906d ago

I'm buying it just for KZ HD

HammadTheBeast1905d ago

Just buy kill zone One off the PS Store for $15 then.

theunleashed641906d ago

i'm getting this. i've never played killzone 1 and so here's my chance to experience it.

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