Call of Duty & Addiction: Why I’m Calling it Quits

For the first time in years I’ve decided that I’m not going to pre-order a Call of Duty game, and I’m not going to buy it a month or two after the fact despite the possibility of a price drop. It’s not for any of the reasons that a very vocal group of gamers perpetually complain about, with their constant disparaging remarks showing up in the comments section of nearly every Call of Duty article or video. It’s not because I think it’s a bad game either, or even that I think EA has done a better job with their franchises, like Battlefield, and that Medal of Honor: Warfighter will be a better first-person shooter.

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CrimsonessCross1901d ago

I know I've called it quits at Modern Warfare 3 for many reasons and I'm happy to have moved on and have been happily playing other games :)

joeyisback1901d ago

i broke my mw3 copy i got addicted to it so bad i would tell my gf off if she try to bother me while playing it so i broke it and im happy life is so enjoyable now without it

CrimsonessCross1901d ago

Good for you! sad story but great thing to have done! :)

And it really is, isn't it? :D


I only touched mw3 to finish my fight with the campaign. I havent supported Infinity Ward since I realized what junk they produced when it comes to levep design ( map packs ). However treyarch is the developer I now support cause I for one enjoyed what the did for black ops .so my addiction will carry over to black ops 2

CrimsonessCross1901d ago

Well isn't it Sledgehammer and IW now? (and one other company I can't think up the name on).

I loved the original Black Ops and Treyarch is at least trying to innovate I have noticed but I just can't follow the price points made with their content any longer to squeeze more money (and not really content or value) out of customers.


Your correct if you wanted to be bottem line accurate but im dating from 2005-2012 franchise experience Im content with supporting treyarch in a sense that I value my nazi zombies experience .Saying that now I DO NOT value the garbage I get with the multiplayer maps that are force bundled

kparks1900d ago

Agreed I will never buy a infinity ward game again after mw3 what a piece of crap... i will buy black ops 2 because i like treyarch but if they blow it im done with COD but ill give treyarch my money 1 more time.. and i like how david V is straight forward with everyone even when he Fs up he come out and post hey guys we F'D up and i respect that

Acadius1899d ago

I agree. Infinity Ward really dropped the ball on MW3 and the whole Elite memberships. I can only think of maybe three maps of the DLC that were actually good while the others lacked imagination that Black Ops DLC had. And then there were the Face Off maps. I felt ripped off that I was paying for maps that are only 1v1 to 3v3 only. I tried them and all I encountered were players who would camp, glitch out of the map or quit if I or my teammate were winning.
I wish I could say that me not buying the next MW4 game will send a message but I am merely a drop in the bucket.

CrimsonessCross1899d ago

I'm not touching anymore CoD really... I know the people who mod and hack the game might be (somewhat) of a minority (hard to say) but it ruins the game as well when it happens. It sucks for what it has become. I'm slightly interested in CoD:Bo2 but I am afraid of what will happen with it.

I was watchful about the Elite membership thing too. Good idea in all but the overall content just isn't my type of thing. I was actually interested in the Face Off maps mostly in part that playing with another person we would be able to roll over people, but hearing about those types of things (at least the last two) isn't a mature way to play against other people.