No More Heroes - Crave Online Review

"This is by far one of the best games I've played on the Wii or any console for that matter. It pains me that it underperformed in Japan and if us Americans pass it over for games like M&M's Kart Racing we will be losing out on truly original I.P.'s in favor of games based on popular snacks. If you like blood, guts, laughs, blood, boobies, lawns, blood, turds, foul language, kittens, motorcycles, blood, baseball, swords, guns, blood, blood, pecker lasers, and blood than this game is for you. If you don't you can look forward to such future releases as Cheez-It Wrestling or Little Debbie's RPG."

-- by Dustin Pena

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Omicron3848d ago

This game is pretty awesome. Buy IT.